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Dyandra Promosindo announces the IIMS 2022

Syifa, news . 02 Dec 2021
IAM X IIMS Closing ceremony 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta The Indonesia Automodified (IAM) x IIMS Motobike Show exhibition, held at Mall Senayan Park (SPARK), officially closed on November 28th, 2021. This collaboration festival between the two-wheeled industry and car transformation was held lively by implementing suitable health protocols. 

According to the sales data reported by agents for two-wheeled brand holders and aftermarket & accessories, this exhibition recorded the number of transactions by reaching 2,4 billion rupiahs for two days of the event. The achievement of the Indonesia Automodified x IIMS Motobike Show as a cooperation exhibition across the automotive industry is delightful. 

Hendra Noor Saleh, The President Director of Dyandra Promosindo, revealed his opinion regarding the festival, “less than two months Dyandra Promosindo officially cooperated with HIN Promosindo to organize this exhibition. This festival can hold well until the final day with a short time of preparation. Thank you to the government, Mr. Bambang Soesatyo, as a General Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI), The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Agent of Brand Holders for two-wheeled brands, aftermarket & accessories, and all parties involved in this exhibition. Because of our hard work together, this exhibition can be held successfully,”

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This collaborative event between the two-wheeled and modified car industry applies health protocols strictly for the two days of the exhibition. The Indonesia Automodified (IAM) x IIMS Motobike Show performance becomes the closing of the IIMS festival series in 2021. Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) will be presented as an opening of the IIMS Series in 2022.

Dyandra Promosindo, the organizer of the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) automotive festival, proudly announced the implementation of IIMS 2022. Hendra stated, “seeing the pandemic trend getting better nationally, the enthusiasm and purchasing power of the people have also improved and had a positive impact on economic restoration, especially the automotive industry sector. We at this moment convey that Dyandra Promosindo will again hold the Indonesia International Motor Show 2022 on February 17th – 27th, 2022, at the Jakarta International Expo,” 

President of the Republic of Indonesia said in a statement during the inauguration of the IIMS Hybrid opening last April 2021, “By organizing this exhibition, Indonesia’s prestige in the automotive sector can be improved and showed our readiness to host international automotive festivals.” Dyandra is optimistic about collaborating with all elements in the automotive ecosystem and turning it into a receptacle for achievement in the international arena.

IIMS will present several latest programs such as Infinite Live, Formula E Student Championship, Motosport Pavilion of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI), Road to MotoGP Indonesia, and Road to Formula E-Prix Jakarta festivals in 2022. Dyandra committed to espousing the programs in line with government policies by prioritizing local products. 

Hendra Noor explained in his statement regarding the upcoming IIMS festival, “We, as organizers, strive to accommodate MSME actors by building strategic market conditions for local products, one of which is by always presenting local brands at our events. The local products have good quality but cannot contend in terms of branding and marketing only. Therefore, we have to be a support system for them,”

IIMS 2022 will be followed by the holding of IIMS Makassar on March 23rd – 27th 2022, located at Celebes Convention Center, and IIMS Surabaya on November 2nd – 6th 2022 at Grand City Convex as well as IIMS Motobike Show and IIMS Outdoor Joglosemar Banaran towards the end of 2022.