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DTI-CX 2022 to Accelerate Digital Transformation in East Kutai

Sinta, news . 04 Aug 2022
Ery Mulyadi, Head of the Communication and Informatics Service, Encoding and Statistics (Diskominfo Perstik)

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Around 3.000 visitors are expected to join Digital Transformation Indonesia Conference and Expo (DTI-CX) 2022 held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Central Jakarta, on 3—4 August 2022. The event is also participated by 1.000 delegations of senior level come from various sectors namely government, financial services, telecommunications, logistics, FMCG, e-commerce, manufacturing, energy, utility, and infrastructure.

Ery Mulyadi, Head of the Communication and Informatics Service, Encoding and Statistics (Diskominfo Perstik) of East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan Province, attended the event as well. He brought up the importance of this event. “We certainly welcome this activity as digital transformation event is important for Indonesia, especially East Kutai. This agenda provides us insight concerning digital transformation acceleration and development in our region,” said Ery.

Perceiving the issue of digital transformation acceleration in East Kutai, Ery explained that the regional government has strategic plans that should be implemented immediately.

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Ery stated, “As a regional government apparatus that is given the responsibility and authority, one of which is to help the regional government to accelerate digital transformation, of course, we will build the synergy between central government programs at the central, provincial, and district levels.”

This digital transformation program is aligned with the East Kutai Government’s agenda, thus the digital acceleration is required. Related to the infrastructure, Ery mentioned there are approximately 200 base transceiver stations (BTS) built in East Kutai.

“Currently, additional BTS is under construction, it derives from government program of Village Development 3435 non-3T (frontier, outermost, and least developed areas). Therefore, in 2022, we obtain an allocation of 56 BTS built by ISP providers,” said Ery. Regarding the 56 BTS units, Ery added, 30 units are from Indosat, 18 units are from Telkomsel, and 8 units are from XL. Those are targeted to be completed by 2022. This development surely will open up the coverage of telecommunications service coverage particularly in East Kutai since its area is quite wide.

Through the Village Development 3435 non-3T program, Ery hoped that there will be no blank spot areas. However, the construction of these 56 units remains diminutive as the project is not fully covering the blank spot. Several part of the projects are solely allocated to strengthen the network, from 3G to 4G. For this reason, the regional government will ask for additional units to reach other areas.

Further, in terms of the management of village internet, Ery said the Local Government of East Kutai is going to work with village-owned enterprises (Bumdes).

Firstly, the Government will deliver the village internet service for free for the short term. The service is one of the regional government programs under the leadership of the Regent and Deputy of East Kutai Province as stated during his first campaign. One of their missions was to provide free internet access to the public. From a business perspective, Bumdes can manage the internet service. According to the mission of the Regent, the services will be financed by the Local Government in the future.