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DesktopIP acceleration to product release: the journey is becoming more intriguing

Heaptalk Team, news . 28 Dec 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — As Indonesia’s pioneer of virtualization technology, DesktopIP is cognizant of how digitization is still becoming a “prominent need” in all walks of life. This is because, both on an industrial and personal scale, requires efficiency to enable someone completing their tasks more quickly. This is also why an organization may be so disruptive with their capacity to be agile and ability to eliminate lengthy processes, resulting from the right implementation of the virtualization.

What’s remarkable about DesktopIP is how the company has leveraged its business model by not focusing exclusively on the virtualization solutions only, which is lies on the backbone of the computing layers (the server-side), but also expanding the solution to end-user stance. The value prepositions will be on how users can have the digital enablement solutions at an affordable price, with minimum efforts to set up, and with the ability to integrate to other services.

That is the vision and goal of the company: to be a leader in virtualization technology, which serves as the precursor to cloud computing solutions. Then to innovate in the areas where most users encounter pain points when working with their data, such as data storage, data access, collaborative working, and data recovery. These solutions were developed more recently to leverage the lack of egress costs for storage to attract more users.

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“Moreover, because this technology was developed by Indonesians, it will undoubtedly be more precious,” said Phidi Soepangkat, CEO of DesktopIP.

Additionally, recent research indicates that digitization and virtualization are proceeding at a breakneck pace. As we enter a new year, experts believe that the demand for sustainability, ever-growing data volumes, and increasing computation and network speeds will regain their position as the primary drivers of digital transformation.

The core products are on sight for the next journey

DesktopIP is a well-known company that owns solutions to provide virtualization in some domains like server virtualization, virtual desktop IP (VDI), and application virtualization (application streaming). However, as it advances, it is progressively being transformed into something more helpful to meet the end-to-end digitalization requirements.

As mentioned at the DesktopIP Townhall meeting in Amakuda, Caringin, and Bogor, DesktopIP reaffirmed its position as an authentic Indonesian virtualization creator by launching several products, including Ifvirty (virtualization platform), DIP Workspace (virtual desktop infrastructure, application streaming, and online storage portal), Jaybod (online storage), and Luminous (OTT Platform).

“The DesktopIP service is now on production mode. The intensity of testing, bugs fixing, and revamping, on the other hand, remains consistent with the CI/CD cycle,” said Wisesa Widyantoro, DesktopIP’s Chief Technology Officer.

Several of these services are available. DIP Workspace is accessible via, while Jaybod is accessible via