Damai Putra Group launches Nismara cluster house in Kota Harapan Indah

Wulan, industry . 20 Nov 2022
The launch of Nismara Cluster House by Damai Putra Group

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Indonesia’s property developer, Damai Putra Group, returned its new cluster house Nismara. Situated in CBD Kota Harapan Indah Bekasi, this new product is priced starting at Rp1.2 billion or USD76,700 (USD1 equals Rp15,641).

GM Sales Damai Putra Group, Hadi Putra, stated, “We launch a new cluster house Nismara in a strategic place, namely in CBD Kota Harapan Indah. Building this property, we intentionally adopt the Scandinavian design to offer our customers a fresh concept.”

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Putra added that in this project, Damai Putra Group would build 254 houses which will be divided into two building phases, 134 units in the first phase and 120 units in the second phase. This new product also is available in four types, Gyan, Yasa, Zola, and Vilas.

Putra, during the media conference (11/19), explained, “This new product features 10 facilities, including an automatic boom gate system, amphitheater and community hall, private lake, viewing deck, basketball court, children’s playground, green belt, co-working space, outdoor gym, and jogging track. In addition, the house also will be equipped with a smart door lock, smart light bulb, and CCTV.” 

Celebrating the launch of the Nismara house cluster, the property developer provides enticing offers to the customers, namely DP payment in 1-year installments with a 0% interest rate, free building, and land acquisition tax (BPHTB), free internet cost for a year, and free multiple attractive vouchers.

In the matter of the sales targets, the group is optimistic about selling the entire unit within six months. The attainment, further, will contribute to boosting its marketing sales achievement, which, to date, is reported to reach 78% or Rp1.45 trillion of over USD92 million. 

Regarding the recession issue, Managing Director Damai Putra Group, Widiastuti Angkawidjadja stated that the Company is confident that Nismara will obtain people’s great enthusiasm as the property is designed to align with people’s preferences.

“Before launching this product, we conducted several studies concerning property trends and price. As a result, demand for cluster houses with a price range of Rp1 billion – Rp2 billion remains tremendous. Moreover, a house is a primary need, and the demand in this sector will grow aligned with the population’s growth. For these reasons, we believe that our product can receive a warm welcome from society,” said Angkawidjadja.