Controlling the inflation, TBM Cooperative produces 300 tons of rice for the East Kutai Disperindag Bazaar

Syifa, news . 08 Nov 2022
TBM Cooperative

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The stretch of rice production in East Kutai continues to show positive results, one of which is the accomplishment of the Kaubun district as the largest rice-producing center area. Around 300 tons of Kaubun’s rice has been prepared to be distributed to the East Kutai Disperindag Bazaar on Monday (11/07).

As explained by the Head of Cooperative Taruna Bina Mandiri (TBM) at Kaubun District, Priyanto, this achievement aligned with the program instructed by the East Kutai Regent, Ardiansyah Sulaiman, to the Agriculture Department in conducting this Bazaar together with Disperindag.

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“We have generated genuine Kaubun rice up to 300 tons to support the Disperindag Bazaar activity. We are also grateful, particularly to the East Kutai District Government, for purchasing the rice product of Kaubun’s farmers and is expected to boost new spirit for them in facing the planting season from October to March,” added Priyanto.

Furthermore, Pri claimed his parties had provided rice demand of 300 tons following the East Kutai Disperindag message on October 14th, 2022, with the legal basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) on September 5th, 2022, Number 134/PMK.07/2022 related to the mandatory spending in tackling the impact of inflation issues for the 2022 fiscal year and DPA of Disperindag Number in 2022, related to the price stabilization program for primary and essential goods, price control activities, and the stock of principle commodities and crucial goods at the district/city market level.

“The Taruna Bina Mandiri (TBM) cooperative team aims to focus on reducing the effect of rising fuel prices and diminishing the impact of inflation for the inadequate community in East Kutai. Thus, in collaboration with the region Disperindag, we have conducted a Bazaar event,” Priyanto said in his statement.

Through the TBM Cooperative and farmer groups, Priyanto revealed to promote Kaubun’s rice product by collecting the rice sales into one door. To maintain the excellent quality of rice production, the TBM Cooperative is expected to utilize a modern agricultural machine tool, a Combine Harvester machine.

“We aim to expedite a harvest process more efficiently in terms of the expenses and duration,” Priyanto said in his closing statement.