Cilegon’s innovation behind Smart City Award 2021 win

Heaptalk Team, events . 16 Dec 2021
Cilegon to seize Smart Environment Award 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Cilegon has successfully won an Indonesian Smart City Award 2021 for the “Smart Environment” category on December, 14th 2021. Cilegon Mayor Helldy Agustian, further, stated that achievement is attained due to innovative breakthrough that was conducted by the Regional Government to Cilegon’s environment.

Winning the award initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Helldy uttered that the Region demonstrated tremendous progress, namely in the field of sustainability. Derives from waste management problem, Helldy has initiated Co-firing Waste Biofuel, a solution that not solely can tackle the garbage issue but also bring profit to the Region. 

“Alhamdulillah, our creative idea derives from “garbage emergency” in Cilegon. We witnessed that garbage is typically just piled up. The waste management in Cilegon, previously, was poor. Therefore, I arranged a meeting with Indonesia Power to discuss the solution to handle it,” Helldy said in a statement. (14/12)

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Cilegon Mayor Helldy Agustian in monitoring Co-firing Waste Biofuel process

Co-firing Waste Biofuel is made from garbage that is processed and mixed with anti-biotic factor acid. The result of its process, additionally, can be utilized as a coal-fuel mixture. Helldy conveyed that the innovation has enabled the Regional Government to change a crisis into an opportunity. 

By performing the innovation, the Region has eliminated one of the serious problems faced by the Country, namely rubbish. In addition to making the earth greener, the measure also will reduce the coal-burning cost. The proceeds from selling the product also will bring benefits to the Region. 

Moreover, another innovation towards nature conservation also is shown by Cilegon through the adoption of Climate Village Program. Helldy stated the program created by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry had been well-implemented by the Town.

Cillegon’s authority deeply realized that villages’ land around the area was limited and narrow. Hence, Helldy, together with the entire local government apparatus, have cooperated to insert added value to the land by planting ‘meaningful’ plants.

“Several areas in Cilegon have a small size and limited, but, with innovation from our village heads, and the other government apparatus, We transform those small areas through planting a useful tree. We also empower women through Farmers Women’s Group (KWT) program that can be accessed in every area in Cilegon,” said Helldy in Heading to Indonesia’s Smart City 2021 (14/12). (WLN)