BNC closes its credit disbursement of US$559m in August 2022

Syifa, feature news . 21 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PT Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) has recorded its positive performance by closing the credit disbursement worth USD559 million in August 2022 of its digital loan product as customers’ most preferred financing service.

Through its latest credit completion, BNC recorded a loan service enhancement of 12.76%, or approximately worth USD63 million per August, compared to the last July this year worth USD499 million. The amount also escalates by 97.58% since December 31st, 2021. 

In response to this achievement, President Director of PT Bank Neo Commerce, Tjandra Gunawan, explained, “We perceive the robust enhancement of BNC by scoring a positive performance per month. Supported by powerful fundamental and effective risk management, our strategic action to introduce multiple innovative services has generated good outcomes for the company’s performance improvement,”

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In terms of asset growth, this digital banking platform has encountered asset development of 2.95% or worth USD29 million, from USD1.02 billion in July to USD1.05 billion in August this year. While from its liquidity side, the company’s Third-Party Funds (FPF) have improved by USD21 million (2.82%) compared to July 2022, attaining USD792 million per August this year. 

Further, Neo Commerce Bank has also demonstrated the increase in its Net Interest Income (NII) as the impact of its asset growth and FPF of 27.30%, or equal to USD59 million in August, compared to  USD46 million in July this year. This outcome also showed the escalation of 183.14% from the December report in 2021. 

In addition, BNC’s Net Interest Margin (NIM) has generated a significant improvement of 1.03%, from 10.95% in July to 11.98% in August 2022. This banking entity also uncovered its fee-based income of 11.05% or approximately worth USD15 million in August, which previously reached USD13 million in July 2022. This value has also delivered significant growth of 88.10% from December 2021. 

By implementing plenty of cost-efficiency initiatives, the BNC platform has decreased its Operational Costs on Operational Revenues (BOPO) by 137% in August, from 145.20% in July 2022. Through this well-progress report, BNC has also gained other positive impacts on its performance enhancement in the second semester of 2022 by obtaining its revenue worth USD166,488 in the last three months.

With the company’s remarkable accomplishment, Tjandra revealed the positive achievement had proved BNC teams’ ability to catch plenty of business opportunities and maximize several BNC services as well as complete financing features in responding to the diverse customer necessities.