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Blibli wins Smarties APAC 2021 award for its campaign innovation

Syifa, news . 28 Dec 2021
Blibli wins Best Brand Experience category in The Smarties APAC 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Blibli, one of Indonesia’s biggest e-commerce, has seized The Smarties APAC 2021 award in the Best Brand Experience in the Mobile Reach Media category. The award is dedicated to Blibli because of its innovative campaign namely, Bliblimart m-Select Campaign Takes Grocery Shopping from Bricks to Clicks. This digital campaign contributes an immersive experience for customers and creates user engagement to maximize brand recognition.

Blibli’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Goods, Fransisca Krisantia Nugraha, delivered a statement, “Bliblimart is one of our business’s spearheads, exclusively for online-to-offline shopping experience. This achievement placed Blibli as the leading local e-commerce to provide omnichannel customer solutions. This award has triggered us to introduce Bliblimart to consumers on various digital channels with shopping convenience at Bliblimart,”

Blibli presents shoppable advertisements to operate the campaign, which is divided into two parts, namely videos about Bliblimart and product categories. This innovation facilitates customers to shop directly in digital advertisements. Through this platform innovation, customers can complete a shopping process only in three steps: searching for products, adding items to the cart, and paying in the Blibli application. As a result of this strategy, this Indonesia’s e-commerce platform can reach around 489,000 additional users.

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Furthermore, this Indonesia’s e-commerce platform recorded several achievements of the campaign initiation, such as reaching Engagement rate by 10,41% above the industries benchmark (0,5%-1%), Video completion rate on shoppable advertisement by 84,4% higher than the industries benchmark (30% – 40%), and sales enhancement by 500% which contributes for the growth of Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) by 150%.

The feature’s adoption has made this e-commerce platform to compile and analyze consumer behavior data. In result, consumers prefer to buy their daily necessaries in Bliblimart as the platform has delivered a seamless experience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This e-commerce platform enables customers to deal with social distancing and utilize an online platform as a new habit. (SFM)