Blibli collaborates with a fashion brand Vone, supporting local product

Wulan, news . 18 Aug 2022
Blibli cooperates with Vone

Heaptalk Jakarta – Blibli announced has become an exclusive e-commerce partner of a well-known local women’s fashion brand Vone. Through the collaboration, Vone’s latest collection containing 45 products entitled ‘Nusantara Series’ has been exclusively available only on Blibli from 16-31 August 2022. This partnership also is supported by Philips and Avione.

“As an omnichannel commerce Platform that supports people’s lifestyle and requisites, Blibli provides various options to the customers, particularly for women through Women Fashion and Health and Beauty categories. Coincides with Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day, we return to hold annual campaign series #PejuangLokal which aims to appreciate, enliven, and support local creative products that strive to thrive,” stated Vice President of Women Fashion Category, Angela Marietta.

To date, local brands in the fashion category managed to captivate people’s attention. Blibli’s internal data recorded that approximately 50 local fashion brands which presented 28 exclusive collections have emerged in Blibli’s ecosystem. Angela viewed that this phenomenon was driven by society’s desire which demands an up-to-date look and their critical action in opting for a fashion and beauty that represent their fashion statement.

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“We believe this exclusive collaboration will seize a great welcome from people. In this collaboration, we deliver the Nusantara collection inspired by Yogyakarta, a city with a strong culture, tradition, and history that combines with a chic modern design using warm color,” added Angela.

Greeting this collaboration, Vone’s owner, Magdalena, also delivered her great enthusiasm, “We deeply appreciate Blibli’s concern in supporting the local fashion and beauty industry. These industries are able to reach more consumers everywhere by partnering with a trusted e-commerce platform, Blibli.”

Magdalena also stated that Blibli’s action had facilitated local entrepreneurs to enrich their shopping experience by providing a local product with global quality from Vone. She expected the collaboration could amplify the local fashion industry amidst the high popularity of local fashion and e-commerce in Indonesia.