B Capital reveals the B2B Commerce growth in SEA through animation videos

Syifa, news . 17 Nov 2022
B Capital

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A global multi-stage investment firm, B Capital, has released a new campaign in the form of animation videos, divided into three fruitful videos spread in its digital platform portfolio companies. This initiative aims to demonstrate the business-to-business (B2B) trading potential in Southeast Asia, bolstered by technology innovation in retaining its business growth.

This venture capital firm also perceived technology as a critical element in the B2B growth phase for the coming influx in Asia. Through the business video B Capital established, the audiences are expected to augment their business expertise to enhance their business quality. Also, they are hoped to build business relations between the B2B industry players and the B Capital portfolio company to produce breakthroughs for this widened ecosystem.

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Meanwhile, in terms of the audience, the B Capital parties have addressed the entire B2B e-commerce business network, spanning the brand owners, suppliers, distributors, and startup founders operating in Southeast Asia.

The Vice President of Strategy and Operations at B Capital, Karl Noronha, observed that the B2B trading evolution campaign is complicated as several countries around SEA have various obstacles and problems. For this reason, Karl revealed the company had divided these insightful topics into three videos, expecting to facilitate the audiences to obtain deeper comprehension.

“We also recognize that the market approach and projections would contribute to sparking conversations between the global and local brands to elevate their trade distribution channels and thrive in Southeast Asia and India,” added Karl.

According to the company, the B2B trading transformation in Asia has depended on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), obliging them to migrate into the digitalization ecosystem. In this series of video campaigns, this venture capital company highlights the significance of technology usage to elevate the business network, ensure the product fit with the market, and future-proofing to grant the visibility of the B2B players more extensively throughout the value chain.

Refers to the e-Conomy SEA report 2022, the digital economy in Indonesia has dominated the digital economy market around Southeast Asia, with the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) improvement of up to 22% annually. According to this study, Indonesia’s digital economy is also anticipated to be worth USD77 billion by the end of 2022. The latest data is also predicted to touch USD130billion by 2025, supported by the e-commerce sector as the primary driving factor. Moreover, the report also estimated the e-commerce GMV in the archipelago is predicted to perform double, attaining 17% or nearly with USD95 billion in 2025, compared to this year worth USD59 billion.

“This campaign, through attractive animation video, aims to convey the complexity of the unchanged market over the last 50 years, particularly in Southeast Asia,” Karl said in a closing statement.

In Indonesia, B Capital firm has injected capital into multiple startups, including a B2B marketplace focused on stalls, Buku Kas, Finku, Payfazz, and Indonesia’s unicorn startup Kopi Kenangan.