Attending Spansatara school fair, Vice Regent of East Kutai plans to organize an education exhibition in 2023

Sinta, news . 08 Nov 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — North Sangatta 1 State Junior High School (Spansatara) organized the 8th Spansatara school fair which was enlivened by 19 competitions, bazaars, and students’ creative art displays. The annual event concludes with the announcement of the general champion of class 7A who was entitled to a rotating trophy. Vice Regent of East Kutai Kasmidi Bulang was present to hand over the trophy (11/04).

The Vice Regent, accompanied by the Acting Head of the East Kutai Education Office Irma Yuwinda and the Head of North Sangatta 1 State Junior High School Yetti Arika Desiviana, had the opportunity to visit the booths selling various processed foods that were the result of the collaboration of students and teachers.

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Kasmidi expressed his pride in the activities carried out by North Sangatta 1 State Junior High School since they can provide value for benefits, especially for students. He said, “This is an achievement for the school that organizes routine activities. Not all schools can hold events like this.”

Seeing the success of these activities, the East Kutai regional government through the Education Office plans to hold an East Kutai education exhibition. Involving all schools, the expo will be held in conjunction with National Education Day on May 2, 2023.

Expo activities will include education bazaars, competitions, and exhibitions from each existing education unit. “We will gather to excel as well as to provide a place to showcase students’ creativity. I believe they have tremendous potential,” added Kasmidi.

The Spansatara school fair also provides space to develop existing potential. Students can be encouraged to be creative and sharpen their mindset to excel for the students themselves, their parents, schools, regions, and countries.

Head of North Sangatta 1 State Junior High School Yetti Arika Desiviana said the school fair is a yearly agenda that had been carried out since 2014. With the theme Rise for Achievement, Freedom to Create, and Dedication to the Nation, the school fair aims to explore the potential and hone the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the students.