Astra Financial brings numerous enticing promos in GIIAS 2022

Syifa, news . 12 Aug 2022
Astra Financial

Heaptalk, Jakarta —  Astra Financial returns to the 29th Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) 2022. Participating in Indonesia’s largest automotive expo, Astra Financial focuses to provide numerous engaging financial solutions to support Indonesia’s automotive industry.  

The opening of Astra’s booth has officially carried out by Chief Executive of Supervisory Insurance, Pension Funds, Financing Institutions, and Financial Services Authority (OJK), Ogi Prastomiyono (8/11). 

Marking Astra’s booth inauguration, Ogi revealed the national economy had increased by 5.44% YoY in the second quartal of 2022, exceeding the government expectation. For this reason, Ogi voiced that his party would continue to encourage the financing industry to strengthen its governance and risk management in facing unpredictable situations. 

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Likewise, by providing financing access for society during the GIIAS event 2022, Ogi implied that the funding disbursed to the visitors is estimated will be higher than the previous years. He also believes this financial group can be a role model for other multi-finance institutions in contributing to the economy’s recovery. 

During the opening session, Director In-Charge Astra Financial, Suparno Djasmin, also revealed his party would continue to bolster automotive sectors in Indonesia, one of which is through the opening of Astra’s booth in GIIAS 2022. With the full support of the OJK party as a regulator, Suparno affirmed Astra provides enticing promos to assist visitors’ vehicle transactions through its business line-up, starting from FIFGROUP, ACC, TAF, Astra Insurance, Astra Life, Maucash, Moxa, SEVA, and AstraPay. 

Regardless of being a primary sponsor of GIIAS 2022, Astra will provide intriguing promos through the ninth of Astra’s business unit, including Interest rates starting from 0.77% for car financing with a 1-year tenor and free of admin fees, provided by ACC and TAF as Astra Financial’s car financing company.

In addition, Astra’s financial platform, SEVA, also presents its offerings through the Instant Approval feature in the apps. GIIAS’s visitors can propose car financing for ACC and TAF with additional benefits, covering Garda Oto’s one-year comprehensive insurance from Astra Insurance and life assurance of Astra Life with cashback up to 2 months’ insurance premium.

This automotive exhibition sponsor also grants other offerings through its FIFGROUP business line-up, particularly for Honda ADV160 purchasing with economical installments of $954 and Honda CB150X with saving installments of $68.13. Also, welcoming Indonesia’s Anniversary, visitors can obtain installment discounts at $1.16 and $3.07 for submission with a Down Payment of 8%. 

Welcoming Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th, Astra Insurance company will also give direct prizes for Garda Me Micro for the early 178 Vehicle Order Letters (SPK) with cash submissions. Simultaneously, other promos are presented in GIIAS 2022, namely 8 Total Loss Only Garda Oto insurance for one year and 45 extended 3rd party legal liability guarantees up to $3,405. Related to the self-protection insurance, Astra Life offers life insurance purchasing through Moxa apps with discounts up to 77%. 

Visitors can also gain a special reward for every AVA Bright Protector transaction and life insurance for those who submit a car credit by using TAF and ACC. While AstraPay digital service also shows its contribution as a cashless transaction tool over GIIAS’s merchants with cashback at $1.02 for GIIAS’s ticket buying. Further, the superior feature of Maucash apps, MaupayLater, also enlivens the holding of GIIAS by providing interest of 0% for SPK transactions. The loan limit submissions process only takes an hour with a cashback of $5.11 in GIIAS 2022.