Accenture Song acquires Romp, bolstering Indonesia’s business relevance and value

Syifa, news . 23 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A subsidiary company of Accenture, Accenture Song, has acquired an independent brand and experience agency, Romp, for an undisclosed amount.

During the Media Briefing held in Recapital Building (09/22), the Country Managing Director of Accenture Indonesia, Jayant Bhargava, claimed this acquisition would amplify Accenture Song’s ability to grant its technology-based branding service to be more creative and assist the consumers in adopting the latest technology ecosystem, including Metaverse. Jayant expects to make several institutions more relevant with the rapid digital transformation and experience-led.

As it is well-known, the latest acquisition aligns with Accenture’s business strategy to boost multiple Indonesian enterprises in capturing many digital-based opportunities in the post-pandemic. Moreover, the e-commerce market in Indonesia is estimated to attain US$54.8 billion in 2025. This prediction will also deliver substantial growth in the advertising market in Southeast Asia.

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“We decided to acquire Romp after realizing the huge demands of Indonesia’s companies to integrate marketing, data, and technology. On the other hand, Romp’s local cultural sensitivity and strong track record will also combine with Accenture’s technology expertise, particularly machine learning. Thus, we are confident in generating the greatest results for our clients now and in the future.” Jayant added.

Apart from the client side, this acquisition allows Accenture to grow its internal organization organically. The company will combine its talents, system, and leadership to collaborate with the Romp party in pouring their creativity and technology to fulfill the customers’ business development.

Perceiving the immediate environment shifting to the existence of several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, global inflation, and supply chain obstacles, the SEA Lead of Accenture Song, Thomas Mouritzen, revealed the enterprises are expected to seek a reliable partner to contribute to this transformation, create added-value, and retain the business relevance for their customers. Through this strategic business acquisition, Thomas affirmed to distribute the company’s marketing and branding expertise access to maintain Indonesia’s businesses’ relevance and value.

Before acquiring Romp in Indonesia, Accenture had also executed more than 40 acquisitions, one of which is Malaysia-based agency Entropia acquisition, with an equal specialization in building digital experiences for its clients. As an early Accenture acquisition in Indonesia, this company will emphasize long-term relationships, removing project-based business collaboration. Through this peculiar strategy, Romp is hoped to take part extensively in reinforcing customer values.

As explained by the Chief Executive Officer at Romp, Joseph Tan, during its business operations, Romp has transformed numerous well-known industries in Indonesia, covering Telkomsel, Indofood, Danone, Kimberly-Clarke Softex, Grab, Google, Prudential, and Dji Sam Soe. Together with Accenture Song, Tan is confident in generating more portfolios and resolving the client’s business strategy matters to be more relevant to the thriving digital ecosystem.