A food and beverage startup UENA secures its seed funding led by East Ventures

Syifa, news . 13 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — An Indonesia-based hyperlocal online F&B startup, UENA, announced has seized its undisclosed seed funding round led by East Ventures. This platform also obtained fresh capital backed by IDN Media and several angel investors.

UENA startup plans to expand in Jakarta through its newest injection to reach numerous customers fulfilling their daily food necessities. The team will also broaden the menu to become all-day offerings, including full meals, light meals, and drinks, adjusted to the behavior and requisites of some areas. In addition, the company will allocate its newest injection to enhance its technology ecosystem by providing a satisfying service for consumers, consisting of its mobile application and cooking robotic technology development.

Responding to the company’s achievement in gaining seed investment, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of UENA, Alvin Arief, expressed his gratitude for having investors’ conviction in supporting the company’s objective. However, Alvin perceived daily food as the most significant segment in Indonesia, whereby this sector is still underserved, with more than 98% of independent players and Mom&Pop businesses.

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He further added that this phenomenon delivered the high fragmented around this sector, particularly in product quality, reliability, and price. Thus, by establishing UENA as a hyperlocal F&B platform, Alvin aims to make UENA a solution for mass-market daily food demands in Indonesia.

Founded by Alvin Arief and Roy Yohanes, with more than ten years of experience as seasoned F&B entrepreneurs, UENA is a one-stop food and beverage solution for the Indonesian mass market through an online delivery service, consolidated the most favorite daily menus in one place and sells affordably for everyday daily food necessities.

“Online food delivery has become the highest adoption of any digital product in Indonesia with a penetration rate of 71%, which is still growing significantly. We believe we are at the tipping point with many exciting opportunities ahead,” Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of UENA, Roy Yohanes, said.

Further, they aim to redefine daily foods, which are currently analogous to street-side vendors, into good quality food using quality ingredients, proper storage, equipment, and hygienic crew grooming. UENA enables orders straightly and processes themselves end-to-end, including delivery, where each kitchen only covers hyperlocal areas. This business model is expected to optimize delivery expenses and durations.

The partner of East Ventures, Melisa Irene, perceived Indonesia’s food and beverage landscape has market size of over USD90 billion. However, she claimed that the F&B industry in Indonesia is still in its infancy stage. Noticing the incredible execution of UENA’s founders in the sector, Melisa delivered her excitement of welcoming UENA into this venture capital firm family.