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Peruja’s upcoming workshop: creating plastic waste-based artwork

Syifa, indonesia . 10 Dec 2021
Plastic waste-based artwork

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Perupa Jakarta (Peruja), Jakarta’s fine arts organization, will establish a painting workshop on December 11th, 2021. The upcoming workshop will be held in Ciputat Raya Street No. 10C, South Jakarta, from 8 am – 4 pm local time. This workshop has its uniqueness due to the basic material for creating a painting is plastic waste. 

In the event, Perupa will invite Peruja’s member Udin Chairudin, as the keynote speaker as well as workshop trainer. Udin is known as an artist who has lofty experiences in painting exploration, especially in juggling plastic waste into a valuable painting. 

Chairudin revealed that creating a painting of plastic is an appropriate stage to minimize one of Jakarta’s primary issues, namely plastic trash. Socializing activity to transform plastic waste into valuable artwork is expected to inspire people, changing this activity into a new business opportunity. 

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Based on Chairudin’s experience, a painting that utilizes plastic waste material has its own charm. So, the painting can be a local creative product that is worth selling. Creating this kind of artwork to be a new creative product will bring benefit to the national economy because the activity will empower the painter, society — as the plastic waste materials supplier and craftsman —, and the environment.  

The Chairman of Peruja, Andi Suandi, stated that plastic waste is difficult to be decomposed. Therefore, Andi created an attractive scheme to cultivate plastic waste into a painting because the idea has been the latest trend. Moreover, many artisans utilized plastic waste to construct unique and great works. The activity’s popularity and uniqueness further lead Peruja to choose the workshop as one of its Spirit of Humanity exhibition series programs. 

Furthermore, Peruja targets the millennials from high school to college students as the participants. The will be charged US$ 3.48 (US$ 1 equals Rp 14,361) that will be allocated to purchase the painting tools substances. Adopting Painting with Plastic as the Medium  as the theme, this Jakarta fines art expects that participants to express their true colors through art, boost the ability of painting methods by utilizing plastic waste, and appreciate artworks, particularly in Indonesia.

“We expect the workshop will connect Peruja and the audience, exclusively for the Perujas’ target market, namely millennials, considering to the workshop participants are from high school, college students, and the general society. In consequence, they can put their sense of appreciation for artworks,” said Andi in a statement.

This workshop is the closing activity of the series of Spirit of Humanity exhibitions. The entire of Perujas’ initiations intend to actualize Peruja’s objective to build Jakarta’s arts industry identity, making the capital as the host of the arts movement in its land. Moreover, by presenting peculiar events, Perupa Jakarta expects to establish its’ brand as Kantung Budaya (culture pouch), which has potential characteristics for the society. (SFM)