Shusha to become “the Capital of the Turkic World” 2023

international . 19 May 2022

The President of Azerbaijan and its people, finally succeeded in bringing back Shusha from Armenia. Shusha is known to have been invaded by Armenia for over 28 years. After Shusha returns to the country, the Authority has embarked on rebuilding the historical city shortly.

The Government has built its infrastructures, including new schools, five-star hotels, and a hospital. The Government also focused on recovering Shusha’s historical buildings and monuments. Heydar Aliyev Foundation performed renovation to three existing mosques while building the one.

The foundation of the TV tower has been placed, while the post office will function as the center of “ASAN Service” and “Dost Centre”. The office also will be utilized as the center of other services if the architecture is maintained. 

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The Major Building is under renovation, and the latest conference hall will be constructed soon beside the building. Apartments and residential areas are established in Shusha. The water supply also becomes part of the area’s design. Susha is claimed to attain its recovery when the city has belonged to Azerbaijan. 

Shusha is viewed as the Karabakh’s heart, where Azerbaijan’s music and culture grow. For decades, the inhabitant has lived, built, and created their culture. Under the leadership of its President, Ilham Aliyev, its people have put their best to recover and rebuild the city. 

After the city was under Azerbaijan’s government, Shusha was set as “The Capital of Culture of Azerbaijan” by the President, İlham Aliyev. The action leaves great homework for the country to revive the city and restore its historical image. 

Acting as the center of culture in Shusha, Kharibulbul Festival and Vagif Poet Day, an international event, are held. Shusha also is introduced through diplomacy and journalism globally. This year, the President of Azerbaijan has signed an instruction to rename this year, namely 2022, as ” Shusha’s year”. 

In the President’s instruction, Susha is perceived as a precious place for Azerbaijan’s people. The city that has been established in 1752 by Karabakh Panahali Khan as the country’s king, has flourished and played an important role to the country’s culture and society. İn order to follow the instruction, “Shusha’s Year” will be held worldwide and becomes the agenda of Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Indonesia.

Shusha, which now is turning 270, is a place of the birth of mugam and the country’s art. The place also is appointed as as “the Capital of the Turkic World” in 2023. The decision was created during the exclusive meeting of The Permanent Council of Minister of Culture of Turkey’s Culture Internal Organization – TURKSOY on 31st March 2022.