Lion Air has a long-term strategic partnership with sabre

international . 02 Jul 2021
Lion Air Sign long term deal with Sabreh

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Lion Air Group announces the giant companies agree to renew their long-term partnership with Sabre Corporation (SABR), an end-to-end airline operations and crew management platform. Forging a lucrative partnership for more than two decades, Lion Air Group decided to extend and elevate the collaboration with Sabre. By the partnership, the Airlines based in Jakarta plans to perforate Sabre’s technology into its system to step up earning by optimizing unreserved inventory, including passenger seats, and promote its performance through plugging in the latest technology.

In the previous collaboration, the Group reported having employed SabreSonic, a system of customers’ sale and service (CSS) released by Sabre to retain and extend the relationship with the customers. The asset of management crew, operation, and scheduling system also has been installed to the Airline’s program in line with the agreement. The system’s attachment is proven to optimize the Airline’s daily function, reduce cost, and create strategic planning for the entire Lion Air Group, including Batik Air Indonesia, Wings, Malindo Air, and Thai Lion Air. In addition to the systems, the Lion Air Group also has deployed Sabre’s platform to distribute its inventory globally which known as GDS.

All of the systems embedded have run seamlessly so as it has improved the Group’s performance as well as draw a boon. The benefit, further, has ensured the Airline to continue the deal with Sabre and even strengthen the collaboration marked by inserting other services that enable the Group to improve its additional income.

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Sabre’s new services will assist Lion Air Group to create and market supplementary offers in all distribution channels, including delivering a different deal to different channels. The service also facilitates the Company to boost the payment and delivery of any additional service through all Group branches.

Moreover, the Technology Company headquartered in Texas distributes advanced-shopping ability and activates e-Commerce feature to support automated reschedule and refund process as well as schedule a new flight for the previous passengers that failed to take off due to the turbulence.

The new deal also permits Lion Air Group to adopt Digital Workspace that functions to make the reservation process faster, including presenting the platform for tables to accommodate customers who are far from the traditional check-in places and flight departure rooms. The Workspace is expected can decline the duration of customer training, increase productivity, and minimize the customer’s error.

Sabre also will set Sabre Digital Connect to Lion Air system, which will provide the Airlines to reach micro services widely and drive its electronic selling ability.

“We are pleased to corroborate and strengthen our partnership that has intertwined for a long time with Lion Air Group,” stated Rakesh Narayanan, Vice President, Regional General Manager, Asia Pacific, Travel Solution Airlines Sales.

Lion Air admitted that for the last two decades, the Group has developed as one of the biggest airlines company in the world. For this reason, the decision to collaborate with the right technology entity that can assist their business process in reaching the customer’s satisfaction is substantial.

“Our Airline Group includes LCC, FSC, and Hybrid model, so it is critical to us to partner with the right technology company, a company that has the ability to provide a strong solution over the whole segments of Our Airlines,” uttered Datuk Chandran Rama Muth, a Group Strategy Director of Lion Air Group.