Volta presents electric motorbike products and enticing program in IEMS 2022

Syifa, industry . 30 Sep 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Volta, an NFCX company and MCAS Group subsidiary, presents several environmentally friendly electric motorcycles at the Indonesia Electric Motor Show 2022, spanning the flagship Volta 401 and the models in collaboration with Bumilangit, namely the Sparklings edition, Mandala. This automotive brand also launches its attractive EV program and rental service. 

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Volta, Iwan Suryaputra, Volta’s presence in this exhibition is also a form of participation as an electric motor company that the nation’s citizens created to help realize the government’s commitment to sustainable development and accelerate the transition to clean energy.

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“We are pleased to have the opportunity to attend IEMS 2022 to showcase the Volta 401 and the Volta Mandala series. Simultaneously, we also present the Volta Plus+ program, enabling numerous customer product preferences. With low down payments and installments, we expect to facilitate purchasers in having EV products at a more affordable price,” said Chief Executive Officer of Volta, Iwan Suryaputra, during the Press Conference. 

At the IEMS expo, the automotive company showcased its newest EV model, the Mandala series, whose name was taken from one of the characters of Bumilangit. This series is designed with the Classic Retro, which contains two battery slots. This motorbike edition allows its riders to experience a range of up to 130km with a maximum speed of 55km/hour. The Mandala series buyers can purchase this newest Volta edition at USD1,217 OTR Jakarta. 

Volta Plus+, An exclusive Volta’s Electric Motors program with A competitive price

This new automotive brand also provided Volta Plus+, an electric motor ownership program with economical cost. Prospective buyers can own a 401 type or the Virgo and the Sparklings series at a reasonable price, starting from USD839 OTR Jakarta. 

Volta Plus+ is also enlivened with various advantages, consisting of a lifetime battery warranty, free home charging, and operating expenses more efficient than ordinary motorbikes, with the battery’s flat fee based on usage.

Presenting the Electric Motorcycle Rental Service, SEMOLIS

Volta introduced an electric motorbike rental service (SEMOLIS) as an environmentally friendly transportation solution that is more innovative, economical, and efficient for the community. Through SEMOLIS, people no longer need to consider high maintenance costs and annual tax fees.

SEMOLIS is an innovative rental service that uses a Volta electric motor with IoT (Internet of Things) technology integrated with the mobile application. Anyone can download the SEMOLIS application on Playstore & iOS App store to experience its services, which are accessible at multiple SEMOLIS Points around the Greater Jakarta area. 

By accessing the SEMOLIS service, users can also replace the battery for free per the rental package they choose at Battery Replacement System (SGB) stations, available at hundreds of locations in Indonesia.