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Indonesian fishery sector records an export value escalation of 10.66% in 2022

By . govact . 16 Jan 2023
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The export value of the fishery sector in Indonesia from January to November 2022 grew by 10.66% compared to the same period in 2021.

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Indonesian fishery sector has shown positive achievements, one of which is the increasing level of exports. The export value of fisheries for the January-November 2022 period recorded a value of US$5.71 billion, an increase of 10.66% compared to the same period in 2021.

Meanwhile, the import value of fisheries for the January-November 2022 reached US$0.64 billion. That means the fishery trade balance obtained a surplus of US$5.07 billion. Throughout 2022, the value of fishery export is estimated to reach US$6.22 billion, growing 8.84% compared to 2021.

The Acting Director General of Strengthening the Competitiveness of Maritime and Fishery Products (PDSPKP), Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Ishartini admitted that the dynamics of global conditions, including the Russia-Ukraine war, had a significant impact on Indonesia’s fishery exports. Thus, the Ministry carries out various efforts to maintain market share in the destination countries and explore potential markets in the Middle East.

Ishartini delivered, “We are looking for alternative opportunities other than established markets, this is a response to the global dynamics that have occurred since the beginning of 2022 which has certainly affected the smooth flow of goods.”

Contribution of SOE and Private Sector

This significant performance is also shown by the export achievements of a state-owned enterprise in the fisheries sector, such as PT Perikanan Indonesia (Perindo). During 2022, PT Perikanan Indonesia recorded excellent export results for fishery commodities spanning octopus, tuna, and skipjack to several destination countries, including Japan, Singapore, and the United States.

President Director of PT Perikanan Indonesia Sigit Muhartono said, “Through this export, we carry out the government’s mandate aligned with the objectives of the merger of state-owned enterprises in the fisheries sector, one of which is increasing exports of Indonesian fishery products to international markets and increase tax revenue and dividends for the state.”

Meanwhile, the Indonesian fishery company PT Cilacap Samudera Fishing Industry (CSFI) also contributed to a positive performance of the fisheries sector in 2022. CSFI gained 46% growth in revenue from the January to September 2022, compared to 2021. In addition to export, the company also saw a big domestic market opportunity throughout 2022.