Hexagon cooperates with AMM to optimize mining operation

Syifa, industry . 20 May 2022
Hexagon ties up with PT AMM

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Hexagon’s Mining division, a global company focused on the technology of mining solutions, expands its market reach in the Indonesian mining industry by affiliating with PT Antareja Mahada Makmur (AMM). The cooperation with an Indonesia-based coal mining contractor is performed to carry out PT AMM’s fleet management project.

This strategic collaboration is expected to deliver a straightforward solution for the mining operations and increase the employee’s safety of PT AMM. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between these parties was carried out on Wednesday (05/18).

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In more detail, the five-year collaboration will include the procurement of 176 HxGn MineOperate OP Pro units in several mines point. OP Pro combines hardware and software to automate workflows and optimize freight and mixing processes. Also, the Hexagon’s technology system enables workers to monitor the mining operational situations in real-time. 

“We are in the top three with approximately 275 million Body Control Module (BCM). The company intends to augment another 100 million BCM to reach the top two in Indonesia next year. Thus, we need the technology to reinforce a seamless mining operation. With its presence as the Power of One, Hexagon is expected to initiate digital solutions vividly,” uttered President Director of PT AMM, Joko Triraharjo.

Joko further revealed that an integrated Hexagon product and solution had been proven to perform a significant role in the decision-making process. The technology is claimed to align with the technology transformation of PT Antareja Mahada Makmur management. By partnering with Hexagon, Joko also estimates to reduce the cost of US$15 million.

Hexagon is known as the Company specializing in the mining business, particularly in tackling a mining operation. This technology company has successfully expanded its business reach by acquiring several technology sides, including planning, safety, and operational management systems. This cooperation will implement a mining optimization technology to accelerate expansion and sustainable mines.

Asia Pacific’s Vice President of Hexagon’s Mining Division, Simon Stone stated, “We have a technology that impacts daily life. PT AMM and PT PPA are in the process of transformation, rapid expansion, well-maintaining operations, and good productivity. We will insert Hexagon’s technology into PT AMM operational and productivity to elevate us, making us better, safer, more efficient, and more profitable through this partnership.”

For additional information, PT AMM is a subsidiary of PT Putra Perkasa Abadi (PPA), an Indonesia-based top three mining contractor. As an added value specialist in the open-pit mining sector, PT AMM manages the strip-down of stones or soil by implementing the technical principles of secure mining.

“OP Pro assists mining to optimize efficiency and boost operational safety. We are pleased to witness the implementation of our system in PT AMM. We also look forward to partnering with PTT AMM in mines point throughout Indonesia.” Business Manager and General Manager Sales of Hexagon’s Mining Division, Shane Boak, said in a statement.