Emina Cheese launches new product to win market share up to 10%

Sinta, industry . 18 Nov 2022
Emina Cheese

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Japanese cheese producer, Emina Cheese, officially released a new product, Emina Cheese Mozza, which combines the sensations of cheddar and mozzarella cheese (11/16). This launch complements existing products as well as an effort to gain a market share of up to 10%.

In early 2019, the joint venture of Japanese trading company Mitsubishi Corporation and Japanese cheese producer Rokko Butter launched two product variants, namely Stick and Block. The company, which was established in May 2017, also provides products for B2B in 2 kg packaging, including Block Mild, Block Shred, Block Rich, Block Mozza, and Slice 20 sheets.

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Based on Statista‘s research, the cheese industry in Indonesia is estimated to grow 4.41% per year (CAGR 2022-2027). The total value of the cheese market is expected to reach US$0.43 billion in 2022 with an average consumption of 0.1 kg per person.

Emina Cheese Brand Manager Ika Budi Rahayu said, “Emina Cheese Mozza is the first processed cheese in Indonesia that combines two natural kinds of cheese, namely mozzarella and cheddar. With the new formula, we present mozzarella cheese which not only has a soft and chewy melt but also has a delicious savory taste from a blend of cheddar cheese.”

According to Ika, the combination of natural mozzarella and cheddar cheese is the first innovation produced in Indonesia. It is claimed that the new variant has a soft melt that can last for a long time and can be stored at room temperature. Further, she recommends Mozza as a filling and top layer of the meal.

Meanwhile, Chef Dicky who also attended the launch said melted mozzarella usually hardens quickly, and sometimes it can spoil the taste of the snack. “Emina Cheese has a long-lasting melt and remains soft. We do not have to worry that the melt will harden quickly,” said Chef Dicky.

Mozza is processed using technology and standardization of Japanese cheese quality. The latest product in block packaging of 160 grams and a slice of 75 grams can be obtained at mini-markets, supermarkets, and e-commerce in Indonesia.