DFSK Showcases Its Attractive EV at PEVS 2022

Heaptalk Team, events . 26 Jul 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PT Sokonindo Automobile or known as Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK), proudly takes part in the first exhibition of electric vehicles in Indonesia, Periklindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) 2022. Located at Hall B3 Floor A3, DFSK showcases three electric vehicles that represent its real steps to provide various daily mobility needs.

Visitors may witness directly the capability of DFSK Gelora E Minibus and Blind Van in supporting diverse business sectors through efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. DFSK Gelora E Minibus is poised to be marketed and will be the first commercial electric vehicle that be sold in Indonesia.

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During the exhibition initiated by Periklindo and Dyandra Promosindo, PT Sokonindo Automobile also exhibited its first Mini EV in Indonesia. This compact-designed vehicle offers high mobility and agility to support the activities of modern and stylish urban communities.

“We are proud to introduce Mini EV, and this becomes its special appearance at PEVS 2022. A compact electric vehicle that is very agile, with high mobility while considering the driving style, so it is very suitable for navigating traffic in dense urban areas and has a ‘stop n go’ character,” said Marketing Head of PT Sokonindo Automobile, Achmad Rofiqi.

Furthermore, for DFSK, electric vehicles are a necessity since this technology will become a means of mobility in the future and is carried globally in all countries. Hence DFSK participates in the development of global electrification by presenting various kinds of electric vehicles that can be used as a solution for community mobility in various daily activities.

DFSK shows significant moves to welcome the era of electric vehicles in Indonesia that are efficient, powerful, and environmentally friendly. Located in Cikande, Serang, Banten, this Chinese auto company built up its factory using 4.0 technology. The factory utilizes robotic technology supported by automatic operation through the internet. It is obvious that DFSK has a strong desire to be one of the most advanced automotive factories in Indonesian automotive industry.

“We ensure that this factory is ready to produce various models and types of electric vehicles to meet the needs of the domestic and export markets. Everything that DFSK has done, including the presence at PEVS 2022, is a form of our commitment to developing a better and bigger Indonesian automotive industry in the future,” concluded Achmad Rofiqi. (STA)