Aston Priority’s secret to stand tall amidst the pandemic

Heaptalk Team, indonesia . 05 Jan 2022
Paundra Hanutama, Aston Priority's Director of Marketing Communication

Heaptalk, Jakarta – As the covid-19 has spread worldwide, travel and tourism have become the sector that has been hit the most. The hospitality industry, such as hotel, has profoundly severe towards the condition. However, during the great shock, Aston Priority and Convention Centre has implemented strategies to address the crisis, and further, proving that the Hotel is resilient to face the challenging situation.

Boost profit on weekdays and weekend

According to Aston’s Director of Communication, Paundra Hanutama, to tackle the effect of the covid-19 outbreaks, the Hotel has implemented several strategies. Located amidst the business district, namely in TB Simatupang Street, Jakarta, Aston Priority and Convention Centre has tapped into its strategic location by focusing on providing a place for business necessities. Performing this strategy, further, has enabled the Hotel to be more “alive” on weekdays.

Afterward, in order to leverage its income during the weekend, the Hotel has offered exclusive wedding packages at a reasonable price. Two wedding packages have been prepared, namely Intimate Wedding 30 pax and 300 pax.

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Intimate Wedding 30 pax is set up to build the intimacy during the wedding vow as the sacred moment usually is attended by the customers’ nearest relatives. Moreover, the second package aims to serve customers who want to invite more people to their wedding party. Intimate Wedding 30 pax and 100 pax value at about USD2100 and USD4900 respectively.

Perceiving the package’s price, Paundra mentioned that the Hotel has provided the best offer that combines a great experience for a wedding celebration with reasonable rates. For this innovation, the Hotel affirmed that the demand towards the offer is huge, even it claimed that the package is fully booked until April this year.

Implement “double protection” to ensure customers’ health 

The great people’s appreciation towards the Hotel’s offering not solely comes from the price but also from Aston Priority’s measure that ensures safety and convenience of its customers. Paundra mentioned that amidst the covid-19 situation, health becomes everyone’s prime concern. Nonetheless, Aston Priority looked for a way to enable their guest to enjoy special moments while keep prioritizing their health.

“As Our strategy, We focus on supporting the Government’s regulation concerning the covid-19 prevention. As we know, hotel is a “temporary home” for people. Thus, We provide safety and convenience to our customers. We surely put “safety” at first due to the word has reflected our main focus now. Previously, hotel only emphasized on convenience, but now We have transformed.” stated Paundra in an exclusive interview with Heaptalk (12/29/2021)

Embodying this vision, Aston Priority has applied Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) in line with Government’s policy. Aston Priority also has performed swab antigen test regularly to its employees before delivering its service to guests. Interestingly, the Hotel also has implemented multi-stages action to sanitize its rooms.  

“Our unique selling point lies in our action to give double protection to our guests. This measure is conducted not only for the sake of our guests but also for our employees. Moreover, We regularly conduct swab-antigen tests every one or two weeks. As a hotel that used to serve multi-national companies, We also make sure that our employees are free from the covid-19 when serving our clients,” said Paundra. (WLN)