An Electic Motorbike ALVA ONE shows its debut at GIIAS 2022

Syifa, industry . 12 Aug 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — An electric vehicle industry newcomer, Ilectra Motor Group (IMG), introduced its initial electric motorcycle, ALVA ONE, at the GIIAS expo 2022. Adopting Change the Game as its launch session tagline, the existence of this automotive brand is expected to bring a positive transformation in the electric motorcycle sector in Indonesia. 

Perceiving the massive potential following the electric vehicle enhancement in Indonesia, the President Director of IMG, Purbaja Pantja, claimed this increase aligned with the implementation of GIIAS’s concern in dominating Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB). As a part of the company’s support, Purbaja affirmed that IMG intends to utilize this momentum to launch ALVA motors as its early product. 

ALVA ONE is established with three driving modes: Eco, Cruise, and e-sport. These modes can deliver their performance effectively, aligned with desired speedy level for the maximum speed of 43 km/hours and 70 km/hours. While using e-sport mode is accessible to set the pace up to 90 km/hours. This electric motor is equipped with a torque of 46,5 Nm to reach the distance suitable with the rider’s requisites and can cover a distance of 70 km.

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Designed to fulfill the mobility needs of urban society, ALVA ONE is furnished with LED lights on the front and rear of the motorcycle to maximize lighting for extended usage. Further, the presence of an Air Intake technology on the edge of the motorbike brings the motorbike a more futuristic impression.

“A riding convenience is still our primary concern devoted to the customers. For this reason, we provide a riding position to be more ergonomic with an optimal motorbike wheel size, simplifying our users to maneuver during riding in Indonesia’s destinations,” uttered Purbaja.

ALVA will also be provided with Call Center and Road Emergency Assistance facilities for twenty-four hours to ensure customers’ convenience during their activities. As a part of its digital transformation support, this initial IMG product can connect with several digital assistants, spanning the Bike Sharing Access, GPS Locator and tracker, ALVA Roadside Assistance, ALVA Experience Center Locator, to the Monthly Saving Estimator. 

This product also presents five color options, representing modernity and futuristic style. The color provided is Halo White (white), Supernova Black (black), Edgy Turquoise (blue), and Indie Red (red). ALVA ONE electric vehicle, currently, is priced at around $2,384 on the road in Jakarta.

During the GIIAS 2022, IMG provides a driving test of this motorcycle for customers to experience the electric motor vehicle. This electric vehicle brand also grants engaging offerings for early 300 purchasers, accompanied by an exclusive package of ALVA.