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Vaibhav Dabhade: enterprises need proper technology to grow its eCommerce and logistics operations

Syifa, expert talk . 05 Mar 2022
Vaibhav Dabhade: enterprises need proper technology to grow its eCommerce and logistics operations

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The enhancement of the e-commerce trend has persuaded entrepreneurs to modify their business model to digital by utilizing e-commerce which delivers sudden improvement for several essential business categories. This increase also made several companies plan hefty investments in e-commerce.

This phenomenon will contribute to entrepreneurs quickly adapting to online-based trades. The ecosystem shift requires businesses to bring an integrated approach to customers by offering technology-based services appropriately to simplify the growth of the volume of their orders.

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The proper technology demands for all business sectors have made Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto’s Founder and CEO, establish advanced digital products and services in boosting e-commerce operations and logistics business. As Dabhade said in an exclusive interview with the Heaptalk team, he stated:

The convergence of this opportunity with my passion for logistics and technology led to the notion of Anchanto, a company enabling end-to-end e-commerce and delivering an anchanting experience to users through our various products and services. Therefore, our offerings came out to assist e-commerce enterprises in achieving simplified operations using technology,

Anchanto’s story of becoming an innovative B2B platform

Anchanto is a global B2B SaaS technology company established in 2011. Working together with Abhimanyu Kashikar, Anchanto’s Co-Founder and COO, Julien Juttet, Anchanto’s Co-Founder and CFO, and Shafique Muhammad, Anchanto’s Co-Founder and CTO, Dabhade started establishing this B2B company.

I have always had the entrepreneurial gene. My dream is to build something of my own. I grew up learning and observing my family because I belong to the entrepreneur’s family of the logistics industry,” Dabhade said in his statement.

He aims to execute the company’s vision to revolutionize the e-commerce ecosystem with technology and innovation. This platform also allows e-commerce businesses, including brands, retailers, distributors, e-commerce enablers, service providers, and 3PLS, to create and scale their digital commerce and logistics operations.

This SaaS company closed USD 16,6 million in a Series C funding round in August 2020 from Asendia, a joint venture of the French National Post La Poste and State-run Swiss Post and MDI Ventures, a subsidiary corporate venture of Telkom Indonesia.

As a result of the funding, Dabhade aims to utilize the funds to upgrade its portfolio, provide a new product, amplify its market presence, and expand its business networks with the demand for SaaS solutions on the rise.

Furthermore, this company has successfully enlarged its presence with teams and offices in 8 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Indonesia. These expansions have served several leading global companies: Telkom Indonesia, Decathlon, Nestle, Fossil, Panasonic, L’Oreal, HP, Asendia, Asia Commerce, DHL, and Bose Indonesia. This achievement has motivated Dabhade to empower the company further to scale up new markets.

Anchanto’s product values

As the digital platform founder, Dabhade tries to deliver its offerings’ values to expedite e-commerce operations simpler, faster, and more accessible for all purchasers. Several of Indonesia’s business sectors have switched into the e-commerce space, but the complex e-commerce infrastructure due to the fragmented market obstructs an easy transition. This challenge made Anchanto take the initiative to step up by offering ready-to-use infrastructure dedicated to entrepreneurs using this platform to simplify their e-commerce operations.

Presenting SelluSeller, an Order Management System (OMS), and Wareo, a Warehouse Management System (WMS), Anchanto considers SOPs and industry best practices. This action aims to scale businesses, tackle light-asset operations, utilize automation, shorten durations, and invest in gaining high efficiency and productivity.

Also, understanding customers’ obstacles directly has shown Anchanto’s distinction from other competitors. Before the founder created the company to be an absolute software brand, Anchanto supervised e-commerce fulfillment services for several brands from its warehouse in Singapore. The experience has successfully carried to understand the critical issues of the product complexity to be developed.

Likewise, Anchanto plans to launch two new innovative products in the upcoming months. As an indication of the upcoming product, this company plans to release a data portal to simplify e-commerce operations to the core.

As stated by Dabhade during the interview, “Data is very crucial for e-commerce and logistics actors. We have always worked to provide relevant data to our customers. Our new platform will offer data-driven scalability to businesses looking to the future by creating this product,

Anchanto’s user growth and demographics

As a software-as-a-service company, Anchanto has contributed to its partners and customers in Indonesia. One of them is Asia Commerce, a global provider of sourcing and cross-border solutions, which has successfully integrated Anchanto’s platform with its marketplace and website in tackling customer requests.

On the other hand, Anchanto also assists Asendia in providing a perfect and rapid system to accommodate its significant and complex customer network. This joint venture company managed to process more than 700,000 orders for six months after using Wareo products and handled 60,000 orders in one day during peak season.

Another customer is SPF Home Deco (Kitchen Z) in Malaysia, which doubled its profits only one year after transforming to Anchanto’s platforms. With automated management, SPF Home Deco managed surge orders during all special seasons and fulfilled them without any operational errors.

E-Commerce Trends to influence Business in Indonesia

Indonesia has entered the 4.0 revolution and has generated business sectors operating in e-commerce. This country has a growing middle class and a young society with huge shopping potential and digital literacy with easier transactions. The expansion of the market, stores, web, payment gateways, and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) initiatives in Indonesia shapes the country as a lucrative target for the global market.

The increasing international market interest will bring many opportunities for all business sectors. The digital economy transformation and a new trading approach have contributed to a revolution in Indonesia’s business ecosystem. Several business sectors can connect with other ecosystems to achieve the best strategy by adopting technology.

Dabhade convinced Anchanto’s platform would grant tremendous potential for Indonesia. He stated, “We empower enterprises to explore their real potential with the straight balance of modern technology, regional insight, and powerful integrations. Given that technology is the core of every business strategy, I am sure Anchanto platforms have enormous potential in Indonesia,

The e-commerce trend explosion will be more noticeable for the next several years by implementing the latest model and improving the entrepreneur’s business offerings. Indonesia is predicted to have plenty of e-commerce platform users prioritizing customer needs and providing omnichannel services based on their preferences.

“The upcoming year will be transformative for businesses that are ready to adopt technology solutions and the suitable digital infrastructure to espouse their goals. We believe the proper omnichannel offerings can contribute to enterprises. Many brands also strive to provide direct-to-consumer services to ensure a consistent user experience across their data operations. I am certain that people who have the eCommerce fulfillment scheme can monetize this knowledge to maximize incomes.” concluded Dabhade. (SYF)