Peen Ern: Palatinose, a “sweet” key to be slim and healthy

Heaptalk Team, expert talk . 08 Oct 2021
Peen Ern: Palatinose, a "sweet" key to be slim and healthy

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Since the covid-19 pandemic has attacked the world, the concern towards virus outbreaks has increased people’s attention towards the health field. The knowledge people receive promoted people to apply best practices to boost their immune systems. Unfortunately, many Indonesians are lack of health literacy concerning how to build a strong immune system.

The view is repeatedly proven by several phenomena that occurred in society during the pandemic. Several times, people believe that solely by consuming a certain milk product, or coconut water, their body will have powerful disease resistance. Meanwhile, the body’s immunity does not only rely on one food nutrition. A strong immune is built when a human’s body has a good metabolism which is attained from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and set a balanced meal.

A nutritionally balanced food intake consists of carbohydrates, fat, vitamin, protein, minerals, and fibers. In the human body, the components complete each other, running their respective duties to form a harmonious body system. However, practically the balance of nutrients is often unnoticed by the public, especially Indonesian.

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In the world’s fourth most populous country, people tend to prioritize carbohydrates compared to other nutrients. However, the main carbohydrate is obtained from cooked rice. The view about “no rice not complete” is inherited from generation to generation, triggering the decline of the body’s immune which, later, emerging numerous serious illnesses.

International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2017 reported that Indonesia ranked the sixth highest number of diabetics worldwide with around 10.3 million people suffering from the diseases. The position is not an achievement but an emergency alert that threatens human life across the nation. The main problem originated from excessive carbohydrate consumption as well as the type of carbohydrate consumed.

Goh Peen Ern, a nutritionist expert from Singapore as well as Beneo’s Manager Nutrition Communication, stated that cooked rice is categorized as a fast-released carbohydrate based on its glycemic index (GI). GI demonstrates how quick carbohydrate raises the blood glucose level in the human body. Based on the indicator, carbohydrates contained in white rice will be released rapidly to the blood and sharply increase the level of glucose.

Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas to control glucose levels in the blood, works extremely hard to balance the glucose level in the blood. In this metabolism process, fast-release carbohydrates mean fast-released energy as well. Peen stated that the flow of this process further explains why people tend to lose their energy – such as feeling sleepy – after eating fast-release carbohydrates. This metabolism process also will allow people to be hungry shortly, promoting them to eat more and causing obesity.

In addition, the significant spike of glucose level in the blood that forces the pancreas to work harder causes stress and reduces body immunity. To cope with this problem, Peen added instead of choosing fast-release carbohydrates, consuming slow-released carbohydrates, specifically isomaltulose, can be the healthier alternative way.

From her explanation, In the metabolism process, food containing isomaltulose will release glucose gradually to the blood, so the amount of glucose released is lower and sustainable. The steady process will escalate the body’s immunity. This benefit is worthwhile for society, particularly for comorbid patients such as for diabetics. The excellence of isomaltulose will assist them in vanishing their concern towards their blood sugar level.

Furthermore, Peen also expressed that this kind of carbohydrate enables people to have more energy and feel satisfied longer. This effect is the most desirable benefit for people in a weight loss program.

Although the benefit brought by this nutrient is vast, obtaining isomaltulose, previously, was difficult. According to Peen, the amount of this substance in honey is diminutive. This challenge was modified by Beneo, a well-known food producer, as an opportunity. Comprehending its consumers’ pain, the Entity delivers its innovation by producing Palatinose, an isomaltulose in the form of white powder. The appearance of Palatinose allows people to consume multiple numbers of isomaltulose without eating a lot of honey or other food ingredients.

Palatinose is created from sugar bit, where the plant is cultivated in Palatine, Germany. The beet plantation location inspired the Company to name the product Palatinose. In addition, perceiving the shape, the powder form makes the product easy to combine with other food and beverages. Functions as the alternative substance to replace sugar table, Palatinose can be put to bake a cake as well as make tea or coffee.

Its less-sweet taste also enables people to adjust its amount in line with their appetite. Palatinose even can replace – part of the portion or full full portion – carbohydrate intake that usually is obtained from consuming rice or bread. Additionally, Peen stated Palatinose is safe to be consumed by all ages, both babies or elderly. In a clinical study done in babies as young as four months old, Palatinose is proven to consistently generate lower blood sugar levels compared to table sugar.

In Southeast Asia, Palatinose is now available in Singapore, unfortunately, it has not been launched in Indonesia yet. Despite its absence in Indonesia, Peen added that people can still enjoy the benefit of this slow-release carbohydrate due to its presence in several foods and beverages products as a mixture.