How Zaskia Adya Mecca grows assets through current business and investment opportunities

Heaptalk Team, expert talk . 21 Dec 2021
How Zaskia Adya Mecca grows assets through current business and investment opportunities

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Digital advancements can undoubtedly create opportunities for someone to grow assets, particularly those related to business and investment.

Zaskia Adya Mecca, a former actress, manages her assets prudently by allocating a portion of her income to investments, specifically Sharia-compliant ones. This is because, despite its fundamentally non-ribawi investment approach, it safeguards its activities against things that are prohibited in the Muslim community, such as immorality, haram, and gambling, and transparent transactions underline it.

During a talk show session on Women Economic Empowerment, organized by Ternak Uang and iPOT, Zaskia discussed the importance of early investment awareness. This is critical because we would have a backup plan if incidental funds were ever required. She believes that investment is more vital than any prestigious pursuit.

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“All I think about when I invest is living in the present and anticipating the future. When I retire, I want to have a contingency fund. I’m trying to be more realistic; if I’m unable to purchase something in cash, then I refuse to purchase it. I want to purchase it later on with the profits of this investment to pay off the installments,” Zmnow owner explained.

Considering her options since the beginning of the marriage

Zaskia shared an unforgettable experience she had twelve years ago when she and her spouse had to start from scratch. “If someone asks me how much money I brought to my new family, I tell them I brought nothing,” she explained. Her earnings as an actress were entirely for her parents 

In her quest to be a wife, Zaskia realized how difficult the acting profession was, especially when she entered pregnancy. Intoxication and vomiting were regular, and she also had to breastfeed after giving birth. These things could potentially turn out to be massive obstacles for her career since her professionalism was on the table.

“I informed my husband that I believed I was unable to continue with my profession. Then my husband asked me to rest, and when he asked about what I would do, I replied that I would sell hijab, “Zaskia remembers.

That is why Zaskia prefers to quit her profession and enter the world of business as a selfpreneur. She believes becoming an entrepreneur allows her to control her own time, seek her own possibilities, and open up a job field for people. Being an artist entails waiting for a call, while the earnings are solely for herself.

Because of this vision, Zaskia has confidently decided to pursue her journey as an entrepreneur, despite the fact that her husband’s funds did not initially reach 100 million, the house was still rented, and the car was still paid for in installments.

Start investing since the Pandemic

Zaskia is aware that what she is doing is not like working as a civil servant, where she would receive a pension when she retires.

“I began to believe that life is also about the future, which we must be aware of and prepare for as early as possible. I also tell myself that if I have Rizki, I need to pay off the debt and invest the remainder. Because I don’t want any riba, I don’t like the interest,” said Zaskia.

As a result, Zaskia is more prudent with her money. What she possesses is, as much as possible, not the result of debt or monthly payments.

Rather than that, she prefers to invest her money. Starting with gold, which may be purchased for a relatively low price—say Rp. 100,000, to property, including land and buildings, and stocks. In terms of deposits, she stated that she was uninterested.

She also stated that the pandemic moment boosted her knowledge of stock investing, as many insights can be found online and shared with friends.

“I remember being given shares by one of my friends in the film firm, which I eventually purchased. I initially had no idea why I purchased these stocks. I’m not even sure when to start. The impression is convoluted as if one must first attend school or college to understand. Finally, I told him, I believe you; if it’s nice, we’ll buy it,” Zaskia stated.

She is also astounded that investing is not nearly as complex as it appears and that it is truly profitable. Yes, it is complicated at the beginning. However, once you get into it, it will prove to be simple. She also used the IPOT platform, which makes investing as simple as a mom doing online shopping from a marketplace.

Knowing your instrument

Investments should be made in accordance with one’s risk tolerance and financial objectives. If the objective is in the period of 3-5 years, it is different from investments that must be completed within the following month.

Based on the period, investment is divided into three:

  • Short term: from conservative to moderate; there are Deposito, ORI, SBN, RDP-U, and for an aggressive scale there are P2P Lending, Forex, and Futures
  • Midterm: from conservative, there is RDP-T, while moderate to aggressive there are Stocks, RDP-S, RDP-C, ETF, Crypto, up to Dollar
  • Long-term: from conservatives are Stocks (Bluechip), Gold, and Property, while moderate to aggressive scale there are Stocks (Second Linear), ETF, Crypto, and Dollar.

“Everyone is unique; for instance, there are numerous cryptos currently available that I wish to experiment with. They cannot be homogenized in this manner. We must first gain knowledge, before deciding which type of investment is suitable among the available possibilities,” conclude Zaskia.