Benjamin Soubies: Metaverse will unlock new ways of buying and selling

Syifa, expert talk . 14 Jun 2022
Benjamin Soubies: Metaverse will unlock new ways of buying and selling

Heaptalk, Jakarta —  Metaverse has become a great issue in the virtual digital ecosystem, particularly since Facebook changed its name to Meta in October last year. According to Talkwalker’s Quick Search tools, the virtual space’s great popularity even makes the keywords of Metaverse appear 11.5 million times in the third quartal of 2021.

Talkwalker, a prominent consumer intelligence acceleration company, delivered that Metaverse is a crucial trend as it has the ability to generate new behavior for businesses in a more advanced digital ecosystem. In response to this virtual trend, the Managing Director of Talkwalker, in the region of APAC and Japan, Benjamin Soubies disclosed his opinion.

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“Facebook’s rebranding as Meta, recently, has made Metaverse is highlighted, namely as the new channel to reach consumers. The virtual world (Metaverse) has come at the right time, thus multiple companies can determine their identity for building a good relationship with its consumers,” stated Soubies.

To establish their presence in Metaverse, Soubies suggested that brands must boost their ability to build a solid and data-driven understanding of their consumers. As a part of its contribution, Talkwalker is set to provide the solutions for brands in leveraging public social data, customer reviews, news, videos, blogs, and other media to get the immersive consumer intelligence experience they need.

Soubies also added that the Metaverse is estimated to open new opportunities, including new data sources, a channel for engaging with more customers, and new ways of selling and buying transactions. Also, this trend will make the companies’ operations more exciting and challenging.

Although the virtual world can reach multicultural consumers, this platform also remains a challenge.  Brands should have the capacity to recognize the market segmentation and define their targeted market. This measure is important as the virtual space provides no border.

Moreover, brands and other companies are expected to avoid the gap between products and services offered with the customer’s fast-evolving preferences. The Talkwalker’s Shape Tomorrow report discovered that the gap in the product packaging sustainability attains 54.1%.

Bridging this gap, Soubies said that brands should adopt consumer intelligence to enhance proactive and predictive strategic approaches. This action will espouse them to play a market-leading role in shaping a better commercial operating system.

Soubies revealed that business expansion in Metaverse would produce plenty of potential. He predicted that customer engagement in the Metaverse would expand rapidly, particularly in Indonesia. In his view, Indonesia has enormous potential since million of companies there are likely to increase their existence in Metaverse.

Moreover, the archipelago also is home to the tremendous young demographic, including Gen Z and Millennials which is considered the appropriate target market in Metaverse. Utilizing the channel, entrepreneurs can reach people across 6,000 islands of Indonesia with effective transactions and interactions between brands and customers.

Regardless of the presence of a new business ecosystem, Soubies also suggested that society must protect data privacy around interactions and transactions between companies and customers in this dynamic environment. He expects metaverse can deliver a security guarantee for consumers and bring long-term benefits for businesses.

“Brands and consumers need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that their transactions and interactions data are managed responsibly. A safe metaverse environment will also be beneficial for the business sustainability,” Soubies said.

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit globally two years ago has switched people’s behavior to digital-based activities and during that time, Metaverse was present and has offered a seamless and immersive experience for customers. Soubies is confident this virtual space phenomenon will continue in the post-pandemic era.

He uttered, “The spike of interest to Metaverse is a long-time trend culmination whereby people want a more connected and immersive experience. Assuming that Metaverse can eventually provide customers’ necessities, including convenience, connection, and entertainment, the future effective consumer connections will likely be defined by these platforms,”

About Talkwalker

Christophe Folschette founded Talkwalker in 2009 with his powerful passion for following his entrepreneurial spirit and belief in the significance of social media for enterprises. As a consumer intelligence company, Talkwalker has a mission to support brands to get closer to customers by empowering brands to put their consumers as a reference for their decision-making.

Forrester report recognized that this platform could lead its position as a consumer intelligence and social listening. Talkwalker brings multiple solutions regarding social analytics, unstructured data, AI technology, and human & cultural insight to gain market comprehension and bright innovation to grant better experience.

Talkwalker’s analytics embody more than 180 million digital and social media sources, containing news sites, blogs, forums, and social media (TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Weibo, YouTube, Twitch, and Quora). With its Blue Silk™ technology, this platform can unify consumers’ external and internal data to give brands strategic insight through video, picture, text, and speech analytics.

Talkwalker has successfully broadened its existence by launching ten offices in multiple regions, including Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Milan, and one upcoming in Mumbai. Working with more than 2,500 brands worldwide, Soubies stated that the company aims to transform consumer data into actionable insights.

With its presence in Asia for three years, Soubies revealed that this company had caught 400 clients in the region and four offices across the Asia Pacific, namely Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, and Mumbai.

“Our users are the person who is interested in learning more about their audience and what customers perceive in a brand or product. Our consumer intelligence solutions serve specific cases, from crisis management and revenue generation to customer experience enhancement relevant to any brand or institution interacting with customers,” said Soubies.

Talkwalker’s solutions estimate consumers’ plans to develop their enterprises to be proactive and predictive. Soubies affirmed that the company will focus on enhancing Talkwalker’s data coverage as its short-term strategy by capturing the new data source, social networks, and platform to ensure that the insight provided is still relevant to Talkwalker’s clients.

Likewise, the strategic acquisition is also part of Talkwalker’s long-term strategy to enlarge its capabilities by acquiring Social Content Ratings® in 2019, followed by Reviewbox and acquisition in 2021. Talkwalker also grants social engagement and video performance solutions trusted by prominent media and sports brands.

“Our responsibility core is uncovering the human story behind the data. Several brands utilize Talkwalker technology to determine what will happen and further strategic plans. We intend to be a one-stop platform for the entire data, insights, and reporting needs of a business.” Soubies in his conclusion.