Organizing Kahitna 36th Anniversary Concert, NLE prepared 2 shows in 1 day

events . 23 Jun 2022
KAHITNA 36th Anniversary Concert

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Celebrating its 36th anniversary, Kahitna, Indonesia’s well-known band, will mark their milestone with fans by holding “the Kahitna 36th anniversary spectacular Concert” on August 6th, 2022 in JIExpo Convention Centre and Theatre, Jakarta. Organized by New Live Entertainment (NLE), the concert is claimed will provide a brand new live experience that adopts two shows with different themes in solely one day.

“The concert has been postponed for two years, as the global pandemic has made the concert of Kahitna 34th years journey was procrastinated in 2020. In 2022, NLE creates a show which adopts a new concept of New Live Experience from Kahitna with two spectacular shows in one day. Employing #SoreSudahCantikUntukMalamCeritaCinta hashtag, what theme do you want to choose? It is your choice and your call, but both of them, of course, will be exciting.” stated NLE Creative and Project Director Dino Hamid.

In more detail, the concert of the band Yovie Widianto lead will adopt “Has Been Beautiful in Afternoon” as a theme of the initial show that will start at 03.00 pm local time. The second show that will be embarked at 08.00 pm is going to employ “For the Evening Love Story” as the theme. Despite being organized in a new venue, the organizer stated that health protocol would become the main concern of all parties in the concert implementation.   

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In its press release, NLE also conveyed that ticket selling is divided into three stages. The first stage is dedicated to people who have bought tickets from the previous canceled concert, while the second phase started on June 17th, 2022 at 14.30 local time through

“We will separate the ticket selling into three phases, the first phase is special for people who bought the previous canceled concert. These consumers, of course, will be our main priority in Kahitna 36th years anniversary concert,” added Dino Hamid.

Classified into five categories, the concert ticket is priced starting from Rp550,000 to Rp3,5 million. Super diamond ticket is available only for RSVP, while diamond, platinum, gold, and silver classes are priced at Rp3.5 million, Rp2 million, Rp850,000, and Rp550,000, respectively. (WLN)