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ISEF presents In2motionfest on October 5—9 to promote modest fashion

Sinta, events . 03 Oct 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta —  Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) presents new activity in fashion industry, namely Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival (In2motionfest). This event will be held in October 5—9, 2022 by adopting a hybrid concept. In its implementation, the live event will take place at Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta.

In2motionfest as the fresh branding of the ISEF fashion sector is a manifestation of innovation, synergy, and collaboration with various parties to strengthen the event. Along with the new label, the festival is expected to bring a new spirit to delivering the finest works of the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry on a global scale.

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The activities elevate local wisdom of modest fashion which is strongly influenced by wastra and Indonesian fabrics wrapped up in a theme of Local Product, Global Look. The festival will cover multiple enticing activities consisting of international standard trade shows, fashion shows, competitions, talk shows, business matching, and diaspora forums.

The event will conduct a series of fashion shows featuring 163 fashion designers and accessories brands, spanning Ayu Dyah Andari, ASK by Asky Febrianti, Amy Atmanto, AM by Anggiasari, Barli Asmara, ButtonScarves, Benang Jarum, Dian Pelangi, and others prominent designers. In2motionfest 2022 showcases the readiness of Indonesia’s leading Muslim fashion products to enter the global market.

Showcasing the diversity of Muslim fashion products and Indonesian accessories, the festival will cover several categories, spanning ready-to-wear deluxe and street wear, office wear and cocktail wear (semiformal), and sharia evening wear (party or formal wear).

The entire collection shown is 1,256 looks representing various fashion associations, including the Indonesia Fashion Chamber (IFC), the Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (APPMI), the Muslim Fashion Designers Association (IPMI), and many more.

Bank Indonesia, which has been collaborating with the Indonesia Fashion Chamber (IFC) since 2019, now also teams up with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs as well as other partners starting in 2022 to hold In2motionfest.

Director of the Department of Islamic Economy and Finance of Bank Indonesia Ita Rulina delivered that In2motionfest is a joint effort to encourage the Indonesian halal industry sector, especially modest fashion. The modest sector can make a significant contribution to supporting the national economic recovery.

Ita said, “We hope that IN2MOTIONFEST, which prioritizes the use of archipelago literature and local fabrics, will be a lever for the Indonesian fashion sector with the active involvement of actors in every line of the fashion ecosystem from upstream to downstream.”

Likewise, Assistant Deputy for Partnership and Market Expansion of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Fixy also conveyed that the finest Muslim fashion works produced by MSME actors are not inferior to foreign designers. Thus, they need a wider stage to expose their creativity.

“Through In2motionfest, we hope that the Indonesian designers are ready to compete in the global market. Further, the echo of In2motionfest can be heard throughout the country and is jointly supported by all stakeholders of our modest fashion industry,” uttered Fixy.

Further, In2motionfest optimizes the use of local resources to drive the local economy by referring to global trends. National Chairman Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Ali Charisma explained, “Nusantara wastra becomes the advantage that distinguishes Indonesian Muslim fashion products from other countries to take part in the global market. The local strength is aligned with the principles of sustainable fashion as well as the halal and tayyib lifestyle.”

In addition, ISEF also will hold the Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC) as a series of IN2MOTIONFEST 2022 activities. The competition aims to find talented young designers who are creative, innovative and have the ability as entrepreneurs to promote the sustainability of the national Muslim fashion sector.