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Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade to resonate Franchise through Bizfest

Heaptalk Team, events . 08 Dec 2021
IFF Bizfest 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The Minister of Trade, Muhammad Lutfi delivered that Indonesia has major potentials in franchise business (07/12). Pointed out to the opportunities, the Ministry of Trade makes a tangible measure by building cooperation with many parties, initiating activities to empower the local franchise business, one of which is embodied in Bizfest 2021 – license and franchise business festival.

“The Government strives to promote the development of local franchise business across the Country due to the tremendous, promising market potential that the Country has. As recorded in 2020, business franchise in Indonesia remains a great contribution by absorbing 628,000 employees and chalked out earning to nearly US$3.8 million,” voiced Lutfi in Indonesia Franchise Forum, an opening program of Bizfest. (07/12)

In order to surge the popularity of the local franchise, not solely around the nation but also globally, the Ministry of Trade has supported various franchise activities, the action was completely reflected in its support on Bizfest 2021.

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Bizfest 2021 is known as a part of “The National Movement Let’s Build Business” and was created by the collaboration between the Indonesian Franchise Association (AFI), Indonesian Franchising, and Licensing Society (WALI), and Indonesian License Association (Asensi). The festival is held starting from 7 – 13 December 2021, consisting of three sub agendas including Bizfest award, shopping festival, as well as partnership, franchise, and license expo.

The bell that marks the beginning of Bizfest has rung through Indonesia Franchise Forum (IFF) that has been held on December, 7th 2021. According to the Chairman of AFI Anang Sukandar (07/12), through Bizfest, domestic consumption is expected to increase and will bring investment, keep the national economic wheels turning.

“Through the event, the economic growth is projected to be surplus by growing 5.5 – 6%. AFI fully supports and appreciates the event, and We also hope the occasion will assist any business opportunity to develop and even build its franchise as well as produce a licensed product,” stated Anang.

Additionally, the Chairman of WALI Tri Raharjo affirmed that in battling against the attack of the covid-19, numerous associations support the national movement by the aims to accelerate the franchise business recovery and trigger the new businesses through a franchise, license, and business opportunities.

“Based on data in Q4 2021, the business recovery, today, attains 25%, and the fact becomes great news for us. The data demonstrated that the national business discovers gradually,” stated Tri on IFF (07/12). (WLN)