Indonesia Spice Up the World (ISUWT) will enliven SIAL INTERFOOD 2022

Wulan, events . 02 Nov 2022
SIAL INTERFOOD 2022 Press Conference

Heaptalk, Jakarta – Director General of Agronomic Industry, Ministry of Industry, Putu Juli Ardika announced to enliven the largest comprehensive food and beverage expo, SIAL INTERFOOD 2022, by running Indonesia Spice Up The World (ISUTW) program. The cross-sector ministries program is held to promote Indonesia’s spices popularity worldwide.

Holding ISUTW in SIAL INTERFOOD 2022, the Ministry of Industry has collaborated with Indonesia Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (GAPMMI) to encourage the local food and beverage industry. Ardika conveyed that the country’s products have high competitiveness compared to other Southeast Asia countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand. Following this expo, the Ministry is optimistic about attaining a US$2 billion export value while promoting 4,000 Indonesian restaurants to go global.

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In more detail, ISUTW will exhibit five Indonesian signature dishes which are the World’s 50 best food by CNN Travel, spanning Indonesian fried rice, satay, Soto (aromatic soup), rendang (meat cooked slowly in coconut milk and spices), and Gado-Gado (vegetable salad with peanut sauce). In its road map, Indonesian restaurants abroad will showcase Indonesian spices brands in their location. In addition, the archipelago’s spices and seasoning also will be marketed through a marketplace that is connected with ISUTW’s landing page.

As additional information, SIAL INTERFOOD 2022 is the food and beverage expo that showcases f&b products as well as its technology. The event is participated by 750 companies from 27 countries, including Australia, Dutch, China, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, France, Uruguay, the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Greece, and Turkey.

CEO Krista Exhibition, Daud D. Salim, stated, “around 45,000 people are confirmed to attend the expo, and 80% of this number are people across the country while the rest are from overseas. Visitors from our neighboring countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, look for our coconut sugar, and etc. Perceiving the export activities, the export destination will depend on the type of industry, i.e., China as the primary export destination for fishery products.”

Salim also added that Indonesia is now focus on exporting finished products, such as chocolate and coffee. “As we know that Indonesia has abundant cocoa, and generally, we only sell the raw material, but today, we can produce and market an added-value product, such as Bali chocolate,” said Salim.

SIAL INTERFOOD expo will be held soon on November 9th-12th, 2022, at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, specifically in Hall A1 – A3, Hall B1 – B3, and Hall D1 – D2. Occupying an area of 30,000 sqm, the expo is estimated to attract 82,000 visitors and reach Rp500 billion in transactions.