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Indonesia Properti Expo 2022, a proper time to Invest in Property

Sinta, events . 28 Jul 2022
IPEX 2022 Right Time to Invest in Property

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Indonesia Properti Expo (IPEX) 2022 will be held on 13-21 August 2022 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, Central Jakarta. This 41st edition of the exhibition is initiated by PT Adhouse Clarion Events in collaboration with PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) and also supported by the Indonesian Real Estate Regional Management Board (DPD REI) of DKI Jakarta.

As a response to the creative developers’ enthusiasm to attract investment, IPEX will display 315 properties starting at Rp168 million. “We encourage property exhibitions to rise and excite again, even though the level of residential demand from the community segment has not been evenly distributed,” said Vice President of PT Adhouse Clarion Events, Gad Permata.

This event is seen as important to stimulate the market as the Residential Property Price Survey (SHPR) of Bank Indonesia estimated that residential property prices in the primary market will demonstrate limited growth in the second quarter 2022 by 1.16% (YoY). The number was lower than the growth in the first quarter of 2022, which was recorded at 1.87% (YoY) and the last quarter of 2021 which showed growth of 1.47% (YoY).

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Meanwhile, from the consumer side, bank financing with mortgage facilities still becomes the main option in purchasing residential properties as it dominates 69.54% of total financing. Therefore, the Vice President PT. Adhouse Clarion Event Gad Permata hopes the IPEX 2022 can capture the property demand, offering a solution to overcome the backlog of various property products.

IPEX 2022 will carry the theme ‘Now is the time to be free to have a house. “Through this theme, Bank BTN will help (people) to have a dream house by offering the ‘freedom’ in floating installments, mortgage costs, and in applying for mortgages anywhere at any time,” explained Mortgage Sales Department Head of Bank BTN, Romeo Daniel MVE.

Romeo added the event would deliver a special interest rate, namely a 3.72% fixed rate for the first year, 5.22% in the second year, and an increase of 1.5% per year from year 3 to year 5 for fixed income. Besides, BTN’s marketing strategy also offers a 50% discount on provision fees and administration fees.

Further, Romeo mentioned that after the fixed interest rate promo ends, the excess BTN interest rate increases only 1.5% per year. The scheme of the interest year from the first year to the fifth year is 3.72%, 5.22%, 6.72%, 8.22%, and 9.72%, respectively. “For the sixth year onwards, the increase is only 1% up to a maximum of floating,” he said.

BTN will also offer interest rates starting at 2.22% fixed for 1 year with a developer subsidy of 1.5% for one year. “In addition, there are free provision fees, administrative fees, discount for appraisal fees, and a long tenor of up to 30 years,” concluded Romeo. With all the attractive offers provided, it is the right time to invest in property.