INAMICE 2022 was successfully held, revive MICE industry in Indonesia

events . 15 Jun 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — The 5th INAMICE 2022 was successfully held on Monday (6/13). The organizing of INAMICE this year is expected to be an occasion for identifying solutions in MICE’s industry to present numerous in-person MICE events in the post-pandemic.

The opening of this conference was inaugurated by the Director of State Polytechnic of Jakarta (PNJ), Zainal Nur Arifin. He stated, “I appreciate all the MICE students entailed and the lecturers for supporting them in holding this MICE conference. I hope the event will motivate the rising generation to enter this industry and create plenty of job opportunities for society in Indonesia,”

The establishment of INAMICE 2022 is a part of PNJ students’ contribution to revive the industry after the COVID-19 outbreak. Concurrently, the event is expected to enlarge the network of MICE’s stakeholders, particularly between the tourism player. 

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“I appreciate the committee in organizing INAMICE this year. The government will actively guide MICE students in revitalizing this industry. Let’s work together in creating innovations to hold quality MICE events and promote this industry in Indonesia,” Uttered Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and Economy Creative, Sandiaga Uno, during his speech virtually.

During the discussion session, Strategy and Partnership Coordinator for MICE of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Robby Hasan, revealed that Indonesia’s MICE industry had received Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) license. The CHSE guideline is a part of Indonesia’s government’s endeavors in ensuring the security guarantee for this sector to conduct numerous MICE events.

Likewise, the Tourism Director Deputy of the Ministry of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Angger Anindito, also explained that Bappenas had arranged the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJM) to develop tourist destinations. This strategic move is expected to reach sustainable tourism and catch an international market, such as Australia and United States. 

“Indonesia has encountered a rebound phase of the post-pandemic and has received international recognition by conducting numerous international MICE events. We expect to retain this tremendous momentum by collaborating with the MICE stakeholders and the government,” Robby said.

The Director of National Security Intelligence, Hirbak Wahyu Setiawan, stated that his parties would implement strict health protocols during the events. The National Indonesian Police also will observe the event location, the hostelry of the delegates, and the transportation routes to avoid security threats.

INAMICE 2022 has succeeded in involving 80 participants, containing Government representatives, Institutions, Associations, MICE Industry Practitioners, Academics, and the General Society. By performing exciting topics, the committees expected that this conference could be a great moment to boost the existence of MICE industry practitioners in Indonesia.