SIAL Interfood 2022 aims for USD64 million transaction value

Wulan, events . 09 Nov 2022
Opening Ceremony of SIAL Interfood 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta – The 20th Salon International de L’alimentation (SIAL Interfood) is officially open today at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) Kemayoran Jakarta after being delayed for three years due to the pandemic situation (11/09). Organizing comprehensive food and beverages (F&B) exhibitions SIAL Interfood, the promotor, PT. Kristamedia Pratama, is optimistic about attaining over Rp1 trillion transaction value or over USD64 million (USD1 equals Rp15,630).

CEO Kristamedia Pratama, Daud D. Salim, stated, “Today is (SIAL Interfood) strong comeback, strong return, and we are grateful as we obtained a good response from visitors. Based on our data, more than 50,000 visitors are confirmed to attend this exhibition”.

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This four-day exhibition is followed by over 750 companies covering the food and beverage industry and hospitality. The participants come from 27 countries worldwide, spanning Australia, Dutch, China, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, French, Poland, South Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, the US, Vietnam, and Greece.

Attracting hundreds of companies, the expo delivers multiple enticing agendas, one of which is Indonesia Coffee Art Battle which will be a meeting point between upstream and downstream industry. Different from the previous SIAL Interfood exhibition, today’s event will present an international cooking competition that will be followed by nearly 600 chefs, both domestic and international chefs. Salim stated that Kristamedia Pratama has collaborated with various organizations, associations, F&B experts, and practitioners, as well as gastronomy experts, to run this agenda. In total, there are 22 competition categories that will be held to enliven the event.

In addition to holding a cooking competition, Salim explained, “The difference between SIAL Interfood 2022 and the previous event is the number of local participants increased by nearly 10% compared to 2019.”

Perceiving its attractive activities and people’s great enthusiasm, the exhibition is predicted to attract 82,000 visitors. To achieve this goal, Kristamedia Pratama is supported by several prominent associations, spanning the Association of Indonesian Fishery Products Processing and Marketing Entrepreneurs (AP5I), the Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (Gapmmi), the Indonesian Licensing Association (Asensi), the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo), and many more.