DSC 2022 officially opens, focuses on a sustainable business ecosystem

Syifa, economy . 13 Jun 2022
DSC 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Diplomat Succes Challenge (DSC) 2022, an entrepreneurship competition program, has officially opened (8/6). Employing Embodied Your Business Vision and Create a Breakthrough as a theme, the DSC program intends to persuade young entrepreneurs to exhibit their business idea to be more sustainable.

The presence of this 13th Diplomat Success Challenge is expected to encourage rising generations to be young entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, this entrepreneurship competition is believed to stimulate the economic recovery of Indonesia by establishing plenty of talented young entrepreneurs.

In its implementation, the program initiated by Wismilak Foundation will focus on business sustainability. The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at DSC, Surjanto Yasaputera, stated “DSC has switched its identity to be an entrepreneurial ecosystem for young entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Realizing transformations in businesses model and participant personalities every year, we aim to tailor this transformation to still relevant to our analysis.”

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The committee will emphasize several primary points in evaluating participants, covering Paham, Persona, and Piawai (3P). Participants are required to have a comprehension deeply of their business model, target market, and financial turnover to achieve a gratify assessment.

Further, the committees will also evaluate the expertise of the candidates. They should have basic entrepreneurial capabilities, containing managerial skills and adaptation skills. Also, participants will be assessed for their personalities, such as honesty and persistence to compete in the business sectors.

The Program Initiator of DSC 2022, Edric Chandra, voiced that the DSC event has successfully contributed to the social enterprises for over 12 years by presenting numerous business innovations from the participants. He also looks forward to discovering new business notions in empowering society in Indonesia this year.

The DSC 2022 program will present four coaches to guide the participants in achieving their business objectives. The coaches include Muhammad Jupaka – COO of Nama Beauty and Strategic Advisor; Andanu Prasetyo – CEO of Maka Group and Founder of Toko Kopi Tuku; Tashya Araysha – Director of RANS Bisnis Indonesia; and Tara Budiman – CEO of Shining Bright.

The Director of RANS Business Indonesia and the DSC coach, Tashya Araysha, shared that organizing DSC 2022 will become a bridge to espouse Indonesia’s MSMEs in elevating their business quality. Through this competition, MSMEs are believed to deliver positive energy to other entrepreneurs and Indonesia’s society.

This program is predicted will involve18,000 candidates and the registration period is from 8th June to 19th September, 2022. To obtain further information regarding the competition, the participant can check to their official website in www.diplomatsukses.com. The winner of the event will be rewarded a business capital worth US$137,000 (approximately Rp2 billion).

Regardless of a fantastic reward, the DSC program will facilitate business mentoring from the skillful coaches for two years devoted to the winners. The champions will also incorporate into Diplomat Entrepreneur Network (DEN), an entrepreneurship network with over 400 members. (SFM)