Dentsu Connect 2022 unveils the shape of future marketing in the digital economy

Sinta, events . 30 Sep 2022
Dentsu Connect

Heaptalk, Jakarta — A marketing service network company based in Jakarta, Dentsu Indonesia organized its first external summit Dentsu Connect 2022 taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place (29/09). Bringing up the theme of The Era of Connected Universe, the conference is an effort for advocating the concern of accelerating Indonesia’s digital economy, particularly for marketers to face a significant rise of the digital economy in the next few years.

Dentsu Connect 2022 focuses on delivering a selection of key topics, spanning experience, data and commerce, as well as sustainability. Around 500 marketers and industry leaders present to explore and unveil the new culture that shapes the future of marketing and how organizations plan to thrive in a sustainable digital economy.

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The speakers discuss various topics and generate ideas that can be applied in the industry to reinforce relevancy, maximize customer experience, and encourage change towards a better Indonesia.

Indonesia’s digital economy is estimated to grow exponentially to US$146 billion by 2025. Thus, digital transformation has been the center of attention as one of the three priority pillars of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency. The digital economy potential becomes stronger as the result of the combination of a dynamic digital population, e-commerce acceleration, and a vibrant tech startup environment.

CEO of Dentsu Indonesia and Singapore, Prakash Kamdar, conveyed, “Dentsu Connect presents the best minds, excellence in creativity & innovation, the most thought-provoking ideas and solutions, and most importantly, a community of passionate marketers that will map our industry forward in The Era of Connected Universe.”

Prakash is optimistic that the summit will deliver meaningful progress together with the stakeholders in Indonesia to realize the full potential of Indonesia’s economy and the people.

Through the conference, Dentsu Indonesia wants to take part in creating new paths to grow the sustainable economy. The Chairman of Dentsu Indonesia, Adji Watono, said, “We believe that the client’s success is our success. Our works are always derived from our vision and mission to help clients predict and plan for disruptive future opportunities, as well as create new paths to growth in the sustainable economy.”

Likewise, Vice President of Dentsu Indonesia, Janoe Arijanto, believed that cultivating sustainable progress and growth can bring a positive impact on society one of which is through Dentsu Connect 2022. “In our Dentsu Connect 2022 agenda, we invite senior leaders of organizations amongst us today to join us in contributing to a force for good.”

Dentsu Connect 2022 features speakers across sectors, including Southeast Asia Director at The Economist Intelligence Unit Sumana Rajarethnam, Head of Platforms at Google Indonesia Elvin Rahardja, Regional Vice President of Commerce Cloud and Digital 360 Specialists at Salesforce ASEAN Christopher Jordan, film director Joko Anwar, as well as CEOs of Vindes Vincent Rompies and Deddy Mahendra Desta.