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Celebrating a new year eve, Pullman Jakarta Central Park will hold a ‘Playful Eve 2023’

Syifa, events . 25 Nov 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — After being postponed due to the two years of the pandemic, Pullman Jakarta Central Park will present the Playful Eve 2023 to celebrate new year’s eve on the coming December 31st, 2022. Adopting an intimate fine dining concert as the concept, the event will provide a maximum of 800 seats devoted to the guests.

A Marketing Communication Manager of Pullman Jakarta Central Park, Reza Ramadhan, stated “Through the Playful Eve 2023 event, we aim to invite the guest to visit the occasion with their family, friends, and special ones, expecting to gain a memorable experience of our service. We will conduct the event at the end of December this year at 5 pm. In addition, as our primary series of events, we also will present a fireworks show on January 1st, 2023,”

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To animate the particular new year of 2023, Pullman Jakarta Central Park presents a talented singer, Rossa. As a special guest star of this fantastic event, On the other hand, several enticing activities will also be exhibited, spanning the robotic dance, aerial dance, and techno-illusion show performed by Galih Montana in this Playful Eve 2023.

Filling the event with her beautiful songs, Rossa delivered her excitement as the plan will bring a fresh concept, “In this intimate Playful Eve 2023, I will present my songs and come over to each dining table of the visitors to become closers with my fans and enjoy the song together. This concept is different from my usual concert, attended by thousands of audiences,”

Prospective visitors can celebrate the exceptional new year in this hotel. To carry out a valuable experience for the guests, this hotel will provide a fine dining concert package with peculiar prices, starting from Rp3 million++ devoted to the visitors.

They will also be accessible to pick the three days and two-night stay packages for the December 29th, 2022, to January 2nd, 2023, period. This program is priced starting from Rp13.1 million++ (public guest) and Rp11.8 million++ (Accor member). This special price includes breakfast, lunch, or buffet dinner at the Collage All Day Dining and Playful Eve 2023 event access. This package is available for two people.

Around 323 available room units will be provided for this program. All packages offered can be ordered from November 22th to 30th, 2022, via the website or by direct calling Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel.