Aldiv unveils new single “Menanti”, composed by ‘Icha Jikustik’

Wulan, events . 29 Sep 2022
Aldiv introduces new single, 'Menanti'

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Indonesian young talented singer, Aldiv, is back to enlivening Indonesia’s music industry. His new single, titled ‘Menanti’ (waiting), was officially released on Tuesday via Dumeca Records (29/09).

‘Menanti’ song comes on the heels of the launch of his two previous songs and his three religious singles in 2020 and 2021.

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“At first, I was surprised when getting an opportunity to sing a song composed by Icha. Then, I accepted it, and the recording process was performed right away. In fact, this song relates to my personal experience or, maybe, also relates to other people’s experiences,” stated Aldiv during the launch of ‘Menanti’ song that took place at Bengkel Space SCBD, Jakarta (27/09).

Aldi added that this song is presented to people we love, not only for our boyfriend or girlfriend but also to everyone we love, such as friends or family. After figuring out the messages of this song, Aldi stated that he tried to deliver the messages to the song.

“Today, many people who are in long-distance relationships and waiting for their loves to come. This song is about a long-distance relationship and the ending of waiting, namely come together,” said Aldiv.

Perceiving its music arrangement, Aldiv stated that Korea’s ‘accent’ was slightly inserted to ‘Menanti’ to keep up with the hype of K-pop in Indonesia. “For the arrangement, song, and lyrics, I don’t involve in the process as Icha has completed it, and the song is ready. We inserted a little bit of a Korean accent in the music arrangement to keep abreast with today’s trends. I hope this song can attain a good response from people,” Aldiv said in a statement.

Founder of Dumeca Group, who also served as Executive Producer, Fery Ardiansyah, revealed the process behind the launch of this song. He delivered that previously, Aldiv’s third single had been prepared and was composed by Krisna Balagita. The recording process also was done. However, the label found another formula, namely a song written by ‘Icha ex-Jikustik’ during the label’s internal meeting. 

Bismillah, we worked on this song. In fact, the song was written in 2021. The story from one to the other singles is always connected. Through the internal meeting, we agreed that this song is aligned with Aldiv’s voice character, and finally, we decided to release it today,” said Ferry.