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ACER offers a USD400,000 prize pool in Predator League 2022, how to register?

Wulan, events . 28 Jul 2022
Predator League press conference

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Acer announced to hold Predator League, an e-sport tournament for DOTA 2 and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) categories, during its the press conference (26/07). Starting its registration process on 26 July 2022, the competition offers the prize pool of Rp6 billion or over USD400 thousand (USD1 equals Rp14,992).

For this competition, Acer claimed to adopt a fresh concept as now individual athletes can participate in the competition. To rake the best candidates, the giant-technology company will present in many universities in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Solo, and Surabaya.

President Director of Acer Indonesia, Herbet Ang, stated, “As one of the biggest e-Sport competitions, Predator League reflects Acer’s commitment to accelerate the national gaming industry ecosystem. Since its first debut in 2017, Predator League has generated multiple brilliant talents to bring the nation’s name to the international scene.”.

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In addition to expanding its participants’ category, Ang said the competition would deliver Predator Bootcamp while, in the end, will provide comprehensive training to the selected participants. The best participants who win the competition further will represent Indonesia to follow the Grand Final round for the Asia Pacific region that will take place in Tokyo this November.

The boot camp is initiated by the team of Predator Gaming Indonesia to grant training concerning strategy and skill building as well as creating great teamwork.

Daily Chairperson of the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PBESI), Bambang Sunarwibowo stated his gratitude for Acer’s support to the country’s eSport that manifested through Predator League 2022. “By plenty of eSport tournaments, PBESI is optimistic that the gaming industry or Indonesia’s eSport can continue to grow. We hope Acer can hold more competitions to reach more people and communities.”

The registration is free and can be accessed through and until 10 September 2022. In the next stage, the selection process will be held from 11-17 September. During this stage, the best athletes will be appointed, including 20 Dota players and 16 PUBG players. These candidates, further, will follow interview sessions and sparring. Only 10 Dota players and 8 PUBG players will be invited to the boot camp stage in Jakarta.

Regarding to the invitation, Acer will provide the accommodation for the candidates who live outside Jakarta. This boot camp phase, further, will be organized on 23-29 September to choose several talented DOTA and PUBG players, form them as a team and train them to be ready to compete in the Grand Final round for the Asia Pacific region that will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on 1st October.