SuperApp Gobiz Advances Three Main Services to Help Micro Business Growth Sturdy Digitally

economy . 24 Jun 2021
Super App Gobizz

Heaptalk, Jakarta – As the Micro Business or MSME contributes more significantly to Indonesia’s national economic growth – like this year hit 60%, it indicates that the ecosystem is shaped convincingly. The main factor is that many business owners have turned their operations from convent to digital, like growing with the leading marketplace platform like inside the GoJek ecosystem. And today, there appears a SuperApp GoBiz to help people set up and run a business more unlined.

GoBiz brings three main services inside its SupperApp, GoFood, GoPay, and GoCashier, to help the business owner smartly maintain their store. For example, culinary merchants can manage their sales online through the GoFood application. Their customer also likely wants to be served online or with minimum contact outside during the pandemic. And it fosters the transaction volume of each merchant – on average, before joining online, they only sell 10 to 20 pieces per day, and now it can be more than hundreds.

As outlined by Gideon Setyawan, Product Marketing Executive Gobiz, the Indonesian micro business is still escalating. According to him, the growth of online customers is reaching 165%. Moreover, the shifting behavior from people that tend to buy things (e.g., food, groceries, medicine, furniture, appliances, entertainment, pulsa, and electricity token) from home. Thus, it validates that developing a good-integrated digital ecosystem is significant to support the development of a business.

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“The simplicity for the business owners”, the key message that GoBiz delivers to their users. They present to ease the business owners’ daily operations. Usually, they have to deal with unkempt stuff like; do the bookkeeping, buy raw materials directly to the market, and sometimes deliver the orders by themselves. Sometimes they also get tangled when a customer pays with a certain amount but no change – they have to exchange the money first, to the nearby store. Things become complex, and it’s wasted if they spend time on things like this, which they should prioritize for scale-up business.

Thus GoBiz comes with a solutive value proposition. Instead of bearing aspirin for business owners’ complexity through many services, they wreak it in one single SuperApp – a pain killer. Previously, this problem is resolved from different apps. Like GoFood to encourage the food delivery service business.

Now in GoBiz, users can still utilize GoFood. It helps businesses become easier to reach a broader new customer, as Gojek supports it, including initiating a campaign and promoting it. It also helps business owners to arrange their promo to be listed on GoFood. They also can get a real-time transaction report that is visible to be monitored from the app.

The other facilities, GoPay presents to accommodate payment methods so that the business owner can have the automated cashless transaction. Then, There is also GoCashier for doing bookkeeping that is automated and integrated on the cloud is now unified.

“Currently, in the latest version (v3.30), we house the essential facilities in a single app. With this, it will make an easier process for new users who want to join. They do not need to register and verify in each of their apps,” said Gideon.

Moreover, according to Gideon, other services were built to improve the efficiency of business owners to run their operations. It includes GoFresh, a service to help users find the raw material for their food, including vegetables, fresh meats, and seasoning. There is also GoModal, a service for applying for a loan to grow their business, and Kompag (GoFood Partners Community) is always eager to facilitate GoFood partners in networking, learning, and developing together.

GoBiz will take 20% of each transaction from All of the GoBiz ecosystems for the merchant sharing profit, like GoFood. And for the GoPay, the merchant will be charged with MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) for each transaction by 0.7% and deducted when disbursed. While for the GoCashier, it is free.

Targetting new micro-business

During the GoBiz Webinar (22/6) with the topic of growing the micro-business, Gideon revealed that this application is befitting to be used by new businesses, especially those located outside big cities, suburban and rural. Thus, GoBiz endows them with knowledge of running a business smartly using the GoBiz app, like winning the market and uniqueness.

It’s a great opportunity, especially when the market is shifting online, to build a business with high visibility to be found digitally, like from the GoFood. Thus every micro-businesses has the potential to win the market based on their specific segments. Thus, GoBiz is inviting newcomers to be partnered by providing a streamlined registration process.

“We provide a streamlined process for newcomers. We were first doing the registration by filling the registration form. Next, our team will verify the application. And next step, our team will visit the location of the applicant, assessing all of the required details like location, banner, and operations,” said Gideon.

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