Be Familiar with GIG Economy and The Trend Works Without Jobs

Heaptalk Team, economy . 26 Jul 2020
gig economy - Business Profesional Portal, Jakarta – Have you ever heard about the GIG Economy? It’s kind of a working trend where you do not have the job, or simply called . This trend is getting popular in millennials, as they tend to leave their ‘employee’ status to become freelancers.

Additionally, those who are an employee also not restricting themself of accepting other projects as their side jobs for additional income.

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There are three characteristics of GIG Economy such as:

  • Self-employed: people tend to not be tied to one company/jobs. They tend to work as an individual
  • Have a limited contract: they also tend to accept a short contract and do specific tasks
  • More than one sources: they tend to not restricting themselves for only one job, so that they may have more than one sources of income

And here are the facts that make GIG Economy raising: 

  • Shifting economy: indicated by the depression of traditional jobs and followed by the growth of the online market
  • Technology Advancement: it makes working become more dynamic, can be done everywhere and anywhere, including from home
  • Supportive Environment: there is a huge demand on the side of both industrial and corporation towards the jobs that can be done remote by freelancers like writing articles, web programming, designer, and project manager
  • Tax Factor: In several countries, less tax factor and also ‘almost none’ is influencing people to choose this trend.

Here we can conclude that me, you, or anyone of us, who are technologically savvy and have an open mindset and wide connection, may get involved in this ongoing trend. In addition, expert examine that there will appear another job that is untied with the place or time, as we mentioned before, and it will be more specific.

For example, in programming and design fields, the needs of the experts on specific criteria of the job like GoLang Developer, Docker Master, and Git manager on the programmer side, and assets designer,  vector designer, UI/UX designer or researcher on the designer side, will be raising even more.

And the question is, how do we start this? 

Certainly, we need a proper platform to support our works. Then define the working methods, which are generally based on main days, achievements or objectives, and up to the sprint (weekly agenda), with a limited-flexible contract.

And next, join the environment that will support you into the GIG Economy world.

One suggestion is to find the environment that is seriously encouraging people to engage in an adequate environment inside of existing workplace projects, where it will bridge the demand and the supply of the GIG Economy trend. This environment can also assist people to work on distance, with a technology that is well-developed and supported.

Also consider finding a community where you can showcase your profile and works in a GIG hub, and let other people offered contracts, buy and make a deal with.