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Lalamove to provide multi-stop feature

Syifa, industry . 25 Dec 2021

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Lalamove, Indonesia’s prominent technology company that serves instant (on-demand) delivery, announced to present the latest innovation, namely multi-stop feature to access 19 delivery points differently in a single shipment. The giving of the newest feature contemplates facilitating Lalamove’s partners, particularly local MSMEs, to expand its business opportunity.

The City Director of Lalamove Indonesia, Andi Rizki, recognized that Christmas and New Year Celebration is the most crowded period exclusively for the business sector. Andi stated, “This is a proper time to increase sales through maintaining delivery speed and security, particularly for MSMEs. Likewise, Lalamove also recorded an enhancement of more than 300% of its verified driver-partners compared to last year to deal with the tremendous delivery demand during Christmas and New Year. We have prepared various of a delivery man, starting from the driver for motorbikes, cars, to pick-up boxes,”

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are still amid the COVID-19 pandemic affecting people’s mobility to meet in person. As a form of contribution to society, Lalamove provides instant delivery technology to support people’s demands. This platform still maintains the amenities and safety of the public to employ this shipment service.

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Furthermore, Adi added in a statement, “The delivery request increased in the last week before Christmas. Moreover, data indicate online-based sales are still growing and sustainable in all categories. This outcome will also encourage delivery demands to Lalamove during the year-end holidays,”

On the other hand, the Founder of D’Cika Cakes and Bakery, La Ode Haerun Ghowe, claimed to have been greatly helped by Lalamove’s service. He stated, “Lalamove’s route optimization and multi-stop features grant us to expand our business during the holiday season. The driver-partners are skilled for food delivery in the form of hampers, particularly delivery of cakes and perishable food,”

This shipment service estimated delivery requests to rise around 15% over the upcoming holiday season. As the strategy to retain the public’s ease and safety utilizing this delivery platform, Lalamove has also ensured their driver-partners divided into various divisions have gained complete vaccine doses by reaching 90%.

“This action is a form of Lalamove’s contribution to the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant that has hit several Asian countries. In addition, we expect the society can celebrate a healthy and peaceful vacation to welcome a better new year,” said Andi in a closing statement.