Bukalapak launches technology hub in Australia

Syifa, industry . 07 Feb 2022
bukalapak launches technology hub in Australia

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Bukalapak, Indonesia’s e-commerce company, has established a technology hub in Melbourne, Australia. The opening of this hub has become an initial international base of Bukalapak to create a research and development (R&D) center that focuses on innovative product enhancement and increases the skills of both Indonesia’s and Australia’s engineers.

This research and development hub is one of Indonesia’s government contributions to Bukalapak’s cooperation with Victoria’s government. This tech hub is expected to provide opportunities for Bukalapak to access the capabilities and pool of talents in the technology sector and digital innovation owned by Victoria and collaborate with numerous universities in this area.

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The President of Bukalapak, Teddy Oetomo, revealed a statement, “Bukalapak is an all-commerce company that aims to transform our lives through technology. Therefore, we are committed to growing continuously and evolving its innovative services with a powerful technology team. Melbourne’s technology ecosystem is a proper base to build this tech hub that allows Indonesia’s technology talents to cooperate with Australian technology practitioners,” 

Likewise, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Australia and the Republic of Vanuatu, Siswo Pramono, delivered his expectation for this technology company, “We believe that the launching of this tech hub will grant positive impact for society. I expect that Bukalapak can also establish its e-commerce business in Australia, particularly by utilizing the benefits of the IA-CEPA framework of both these countries,”

Siswo also added that digital transformation is critical because digitization is one of the primary issues in the G20 Presidency of Indonesia 2022. The Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) owned by these countries is assumed to persuade further cooperation through a technology hub.

Victoria is one of Australia’s digital technology development and innovation centers. This state government implements regulations and allocates budgets to bolster technology advancement and digital innovation through international cooperation. A technology hub with Bukalapak has become a part of Victoria’s endeavor in appealing to global companies to innovate and create job opportunities around its region’s authority.