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PEVS 2022 is expected to grow awareness about EV industry

Heaptalk Team, automotive . 30 Jun 2022
PEVS Preparation Meeting

Heaptalk, Jakarta – PERIKLINDO Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) is poised to be held on 22 – 23 July 2022 in JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Organized for ten days, the event not solely shows various EV products but also offers special programs that focus on increasing people awareness about EVs industry.

“In contrast with the common automotive event that generally only focuses on B2C, in PEVS 2022, we also present B2B concept in the form of seminars and talk shows that will be held in Hall C2. We invite all stakeholders and related ministries to deliver knowledge about electrification to visitors.” stated Project Manager of PEVS, Rudi MF.

As an exhibition that strongly delivers technology, innovation, and a futuristic concept, the event is believed will deliver a positive impact on the development of the EV industry in Indonesia. As stated in the press release, the event also is expected to enhance society’s awareness concerning the beneficial effect of EVs on the environment and, concurrently, provide opportunities for local automotive producents and MSMEs to create innovation in welcoming the industry in accordance with Authority’s goal.  

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In preparation to achieve the agenda, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, PERIKLINDO, and Dyandra Promosindo also held a meeting to outline the implementation of the Indonesian EVs event benchmark. Perceiving its vision, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, through the Deputy of industry and investment, Henky Hotma Parlindungan Manurung delivered its full support for the organizing of PEVS 2022.

“The exhibition also will increase people’s desire towards EV industry, demonstrating the use of EV products through test drive and ride programs that will be organized indoor. The event will be the EV icon. We would like to deliver our gratitude as the events, such as PEVS, revive Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy.” uttered Henky.

The Deputy also expects that the expo will be an arena for cross-sector collaboration and become a moment to provide knowledge to society, particularly the young generation, regarding the importance of the use of EVs in Indonesia.

PERIKLINDO and Dyandra Promosindo as the organizer, express their appreciation and gratitude for the support. The organizers stated that PEVS event not only contributes to the national automotive industry but also can promote MICE and Creative Economy industry.

PEVS 2022 is held to welcome the electrification era in Indonesia and participated by EV industry players from upstream to downstream. The event is one of the program series that will bolster the Government’s agenda in accelerating the national EV industry development, particularly referring to Presidential Decree No. 55 year 2019. (WLN)