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Hyundai adopts Bluelink Technology to Stargazer

Heaptalk Team, automotive . 13 Jul 2022
Hyundai Stargazer

Heaptalk, Jakarta – PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) announced to equip its upcoming new product, Stargazer, with Hyundai Bluelink, its flagship Connected Car Services. Hyundai Bluelink technology will enable Hyundai Stargazer owners to connect and fully access their Stargazer via smartphone. 

Responding to this breakthrough, Chief Operating Officer of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia, Makmur, said, “As a manifestation of Hyundai as a game-changer in the Indonesian automotive industry as well as concrete evidence of Hyundai’s commitment to innovation, Hyundai brings Connected Car Services Hyundai Bluelink to Hyundai Stargazer. The presence of Bluelink is intended to provide more security and convenience through the features that are present in Bluelink for Stargazer users.” 

Previously, this feature was implemented in Hyundai CRETA to provide its users with security and convenience while carrying out their activities. Adopting a high-security concept, Hyundai has created three prime features, including Auto Collision Notification (ACN), SOS/Emergency Assistance button, and Roadside Assistance (RSA).

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ACN system will send notification promptly in the form of location and vehicle owner’s information to Hyundai Help Center when an accident occurs or when the Airbag is deployed. Hyundai Help Center will translate the notification and send the medical unit or other needed units to the driver’s location.

In addition, the SOS button placed on the roof of the driver’s row also can be utilized to contact the help center in an urgent situation. With this button, the driver can reach the help center to deliver their needs from inside the vehicle without using their phone. For this reason, a microphone is also provided that faces the driver and passenger to clarify the voice and facilitate coordination. Both of these features are supported by RSA, Hyundai’s 24-hours emergency assistance service. 

In addition to safety features from accidents, the vehicle also features Stolen Vehicle Notification and Stolen Vehicle Tracking to protect the owner from vehicle theft. This technology will directly send a notification to the customer’s smartphone for any theft attempt and provide them with information about the car’s current position. This feature is supported by Stollen Vehicle Immobilization that enables the users to contact Hyundai Help Center and ask for the stolen car to be temporarily suspended. 

Hyundai Bluelink also serves a technology that ensures the great users’ vehicle condition in the form of a Manual/Automatic Diagnostic Report. The system will automatically diagnose any damage, where the same function can also be applied manually. Driving information and Vehicle Health Report, which will provide monthly reports on various activities carried out by the car, and Vehicle Status Check/ Notification, which helps inform the condition of car maintenance in the form of notifications on the application. 

Furthermore, customers also have complete control over all essential features such as Remote Engine Start/Stop, Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn& Light Control, and find out where to park the car through Find My Car. However, HMID has not yet released the Hyundai Stargazer specifications, features, and prices to the Indonesians. (WLN)