ALL NEW ERTIGA HYBRID tested in Surabaya and Malang

automotive . 21 Jun 2022
Suzuki performs Media Test Drive All New Ertiga Hybrid

Heaptalk, Jakarta — PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (PT SIS) has conducted a driving test for its latest product, All New Ertiga Hybrid, which was launched last week (06/10). The test is performed to assess the performance and fuel efficiency of the first electrified Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle (LMPV) in Indonesia.

Carrying out the test, PT SIS has invited journalists from various media to experience the sensation of driving the company’s latest product in Surabaya and Malang on 20-24 June 2022. PT SIS mentioned that these two main cities in East Java had been selected as they have several components that complement each other.

The characteristics, including Surabaya’s traffic density and Malang-Batu’s challenging street, will perfect the driving test of Suzuki Smart Hybrid and other advanced features of All New Ertiga Hybrid.

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“Media test-drive activity is one of our efforts to provide opportunities to journalists to closely experience All New Ertiga Hybrid. For this reason, we invite them to enjoy the iconic places of Surabaya, Malang, and Batu while experiencing the car’s technology, feature, and fuel efficiency,” stated 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS Donny Saputra.

During the test drive, the participants are expected to experience the performance of K15B machine and prove the benefit of the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and Lithium-ion battery that supports the efficiency of fuel consumption.

Other new features, Engine Auto Start-Stop, Cruise Control, and Electronic Stability Programmed (ESP) have been tested. These features are embedded to guarantee the customers’ safety and convenience. In the evening, the participants are able to try Auto Headlight with Guide Me Light which will provide light on the front side after getting out of the car.

All New Ertiga comes with many transformations, spanning new MID Design, new interior ambiance color, new seat material color, and new interior ornament. Perceiving from its exterior, the car adopts a new front grille design, new auto-retractable outside mirror, new antenna type, new alloy wheel black polish design, new backdoor garnish design, and new hybrid emblem. Moreover, PT SIS also has introduced the new color of All New Ertiga, namely new mellow deep red color. (WLN)