Populix reveals the most used financial apps

Syifa, news . 07 Jul 2022
Populix survey

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Populix, a digital-based research company, released the result of the Consumer Preference Towards Banking and e-Wallet survey (07/06). This survey examined people’s preference in using their financial applications in Indonesia. The finding is expected to support digital financial companies in enhancing their business. 

The Co-Founder and CEO of Populix, Timothy Astandu, stated that the rapid digital transformation growth has significantly impacted several industries, particularly the banking and financial sectors. This increase is also supported by the appearance of numerous banking and financial applications to provide solutions for people’s requisites. 

“Through this research, we aim to bolster the banking sector and other e-wallet providers to comprehend the demography of consumers’ preference in using the financial services. We also hope financial industry players can enhance their products, aligned with the market situations,” added Astandu. 

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This survey has been carried out last May 20th – 15th, 2022 through the Populix app and involved 1,000 respondents aged 18 – 55 to answer the single and complex multiple-choice questions. The result revealed the top used mobile banking, including BCA Mobile (60%), BRI Mobile application (26%), Livin’ by Mandiri (25%), and BNI mobile banking (23%).

For the digital banking categories, this research shows that Bank Jago is in the first place with a percentage of 46%, followed by Neobank (40%), and Jenius (32%). Likewise, the study also discovered the most used e-wallet applications, containing the ShopeePay (76%), OVO (79%), Dana (83%), and Gopay (88%).  

“Digital banking and e-wallet have become a daily lifestyle for people. Our research indicates that 80% of respondents have operated digital banking, mobile banking, and e-wallet. We estimate that digital financial applications will continue to enhance. This prediction is based on our respondent’s plans to use their banking and financial applications – mobile banking, digital banking, as well as an e-wallet – more frequently,” Astandu said in a statement.

The Populix survey found that mobile banking and e-wallet are still the two most used financial platforms among all age groups. In contrast, digital banking is the most popular platform among adult respondents. This summary derived from the finding that demonstrated mobile banking usage of 91% around the Greater Jakarta area, E-wallet implementation of 84% in Medan, and digital banking usage of 33% in Surabaya.

In addition, the study also indicates people’s consideration for using mobile banking, e-wallet, and digital banking platforms, including flexibility, time-saving, and application simplicity. In accordance with the data, the simplicity to integrate e-wallets with the e-commerce platforms also becomes the respondents’ main factor for operating their financial applications. (SFM)