Nokia releases 5G technology products to raise Indonesia’s digitalization

technology . 06 Jun 2022

Heaptalk, Jakarta — Nokia introduced several 5G technologies in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Revisited Indonesia 2022. This technology brand exhibits numerous product innovations, spanning a Liquid Cooled AirScale, FP5 Router, 5G Massive MIMO Antenna, mmWave 5G Antenna, 5G Fixed Wireless Access, and Enterprise 5G Private Wireless. 

Nokia presents multiple applications and 5G-technology solutions to showcase the performance of the 5G network around the city, rustic, and internal network systems areas. The latest network implementation in numerous Nokia products is a part of its role in supporting the digital ecosystem for many industries in Indonesia. 

Likewise, Chief Technology Officer of Nokia Indonesia, Venugopal, revealed that Indonesia has tremendous market potential, particularly for the oil, gas, and mining industry. As one of Nokia’s primary markets, Venugopal is confident about accelerating digital transformation by providing this 5G-technology in Indonesia.

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During the event, Nokia delivers one of its newest technology solutions, namely Liquid Cooled AirScale. As a part of the AirScale Base Station portfolio, Nokia has embedded Liquid Cooling technology to reach a sustainable radio network and effective cost. This modern 5G technology reduces the energy required in refrigerating base stations and decreases CO2 emissions by 80%.

Nokia also created an FP5 Router to allow service providers to fulfill the tremendous demand for network capacity enhancement. As a crucial element of the routing service of Nokia IP, the router established is estimated to enable new higher-speed IP services and provide incomparable protection against network security threats.

Another high-end Nokia product exhibited at MWC 2022 is the 5G Massive MIMO Antenna. This technology empowers beamforming techniques as the optimal transmission solution, covering the whole transmission scenario, from a congested urban area to broader coverage areas.

Further, the latest 5G device provided by Nokia is a millimeter Wave (mmWave) 5G Antenna. This tool is an essential element in delivering the advanced performance related to SG. the mmWave technology has the most remarkable bandwidth of spectrum bands entirely for 5G, offering the highest capacity and excellent customer experience.

This Finland-based technology company also presents 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) to complete cellular services to customers, earn new revenue, and unlock new value-added service chances for users from different reaches. Customers can operate internet services by connecting wireless that equals optical cable internet when linked to the cellular spectrum anywhere.

Also, another modern technology presented in the MWC 2022 is an Enterprise 5G Private WIreless. This device is expected to support the digitalization industry of 4.0 with the Nokia’s specification standard. The end-to-end wireless solutions offer the flexibility for several business industries to operate this wireless efficiently. 

The President Director of Nokia Indonesia, KP Goh, voiced his statement, “Indonesia has great potential in numerous socio-economic sectors. We believe that Indonesia will play an essential role in digital transformation in Asia-Pacific,”

He also added, “Nokia intends to retain its good relations that have been established. Thus, We are willing to take this strategic action with our consumers and local associates to furnish incredible solutions at each level and drive digital transformation in Indonesia more quickly.” (SFM)