Zenius officially launches its documentary series to stimulate tourism sector

Syifa, startup . 08 Jul 2022
Zenius's documentary series launch

Heaptalk, Jakarta — An ed-tech platform Zenius has successfully launched the initial episode of the “Mahakarya” and “Kisah Rasa” documentary series in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta (07/06). This series is a part of Zenius’s partnership with the Ministry of Tourism to entice people’s interest in traveling in Indonesia through the educational-based approach. 

“We appreciate Zenius as a co-branding partner of Wonderful Indonesia that has successfully released the early episode of the Mahakarya and Kisah Rasa documentary series,” Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, said during her speech virtually.

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Angela also invited the stakeholders in the tourism sector to support this initiation in retrieving this industry during the pandemic. Through this educational content launch, Angela claimed that the presence of the series is an appropriate action to attract people’s eagerness to travel to Indonesia.

In the series launch, the early episode of the Mahakarya series entitled “Borobudur Temple: The traces of old technology” reveals the Pranata Wangsa – a legacy of past knowledge that relating Borobudur Temple and the astronomy sciences. This ed-tech startup also launched the Kisah Rasa series to reveal the historical heritage of the sweet cuisine of Central Java, presented in a philosophical sense. 

The process of documentary series production had already started in September 2021. To generate its valuable storyline, the Zenius team has implemented several production stages, containing research activity, interviews with people in the region, and pre-production. 

“We perceive the tourism industry as a big archive that generates a cultural legacy for society. Through this documentary series, we aim to boost people’s interest in Indonesia tourism by exposing background knowledge of tourist destinations. Thus, society is expected to appreciate and protect the archipelago’s cultural heritage,” said Founder and Chief Education Officer, Sabda PS.

Further, Sabda added that the team has successfully launched three episodes for the Central Java region. He affirmed that his team would continue collaborating with Wonderful Indonesia to produce the upcoming episodes sooner. The Zenius team plans to unveil the uniqueness of other areas in Indonesia historically, containing East Java, Bali, Toraja, Ternate, and Toba.

“As a technology-based educational institution, we intend to grant broader insights contextually from diverse industries in Indonesia. We expect to deeply provide valuable insights about this country’s history and local wisdom by launching this documentary series. Thus, we appreciate all stakeholders for supporting us to pass the complex production phases.” Vice President of Marketing and Content Production of Zenius, Daniel Rahmad Hidayat, said in a statement.